Welcome to Foodwhirl!

A little while ago, we had the idea to pull together real cooks like ourselves–who have lives and families, but still want to be creative and fun in the kitchen–and ponder the answer to that eternal question… “What’s for Dinner??” So we found some cool cooks, with different kinds of households, with different types of expertise–with the goal of pooling our inspiration & creativity, providing a resource to like minded cooks, and building a community!

This is not just another recipe site… You know, a like big bank of recipes for you to look up how to cook something (we’ve got Google for that, right?). No, this is a dynamic work in progress, where we’ll be sharing our ideas, recipes, and tips as we go along using them ourselves!

What will you find here?   Lunch and dinner ideas, fun and creative sweets, techniques to help you cook and prep more efficiently, entertaining ideas… even tips to help you shop and plan more effectively!  {Read More about our categories.}

Want to play along with us?  We’ve got lots of recipes and ideas thus far… take a look around the site to see!

Think you have a recipe that should be on Foodwhirl?  Go here to find out how to Contribute!

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