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I'm sorta a crafty nerdy cook, who is layered... like pie.

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About Dot

About Dot

Hi! I’m Dot [aka Nancy(long story)] My mom always used to say “If you can read, you can cook”. Well, while that’s partially true, I think the keys to being a good cook are experimentation, practice, and learning good techniques. I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember, and I’m probably most influenced by my mom (who taught me my way around the kitchen and provi…

Freezing Chicken Stock (and other ingredients too!)

Freezing Chicken Stock (and other ingredients too!)

I was so excited to get silicone muffin pans, and muffin cups… They seemed like such a good idea. Well, I use the cups for actual muffins, on occasion, but I’ve not been happy with the muffin pans at all. But I’ve found an even better use for my silicone muffin pan, rather than baking in them. They make a fabulous container for freezing small portions of liquids that I want to use later. One of…

Spotlight: S'moreffles!

Spotlight: S’moreffles!

Today’s inspiration from around the web comes from the daring site, Waffleizer (the blog that answers the question “Will it Waffle?”… When we saw this example of Waffle-y goodness, the S’moreffle, it was just too good not to share. According to the good folks at Waffleizer: For s’mores, you need marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. For s’moreff…

Party Food Basics: Appetizer Shells

Party Food Basics: Appetizer Shells

So, you’re having a party, and you need appetizers… some small bites that will taste yummy and appease those hoards of guests. But also be easy to serve, easy to eat… So, you figure I’ll buy some of those little edible cups (phyllo shells, or what not) and fill them with my savory or sweet treats. Easy right? Well yeah, but when you go to the store, and remember what your party budget i…

Spotlight - Make Fortune Cookies

Spotlight – Make Fortune Cookies

Did you know Valentines Day and Chinese New Year are both on Feb 14th this year? Here’s a fun way to combine the two… Make homemade fortune cookies, tucking special personalized notes in for your sweetie! We found these great instructions for making your our fortune cookies at the very cool food blog, Here’s what they had to say about them: Don’t we just feel so efficien…

Welcome to the Beta Test!

And… We’re up! We’re ready to announce to the world in just a few days, but we’d love some friendly people to check out the site and let us know if there are any issues.  This is a soft launch, so although the world can now access, we’re waiting a few days before we invite them all! So welcome!  Please click around, check out the profiles of our contributors, chec…

A flexible

A flexible “roasted” dinner… Kabobs with Roasted Veggies

Shrimp and Sausage Kabobs with Roasted Vegetables There are many foods, particularly vegetables, which are excellent roasted in the oven. So if you’re going to heat the oven up to roast a veggie or two, why not make a meal out of it? This dinner idea can be pulled together relatively quickly (to the table in less than 30 minutes, if you prep ahead of time and/or pre-roast larger items). So it’s a g…

Welcome to Foodwhirl!

Welcome to Foodwhirl!

Whew!  It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but it’s all pulled together beautifully! Welcome to our new site.  We’re very excited to be here, and for you to be here too! A good place to start :  Read all about us, and our mission here on our About page… Or just dive right into the recipes, techniques and meal planning ideas.  You can find the latest items in each category on our home page…

Adorable Year of the Tiger Bento

Adorable Year of the Tiger Bento

Chinese New Year (or lunar new year) is this weekend… what an adorable way to celebrate with the Year of the Tiger Bento at Hapa Bento..  Go check out all their lovely work… I must admit that the closest I get to bento is throwing grocery store sushi and string cheese into a bento box, but things like this continue to inspire me! … long storyshort, here’s the final product; a featured bento with a b…

How Fun! Broken Glass Jello for Valentine's Day

How Fun! Broken Glass Jello for Valentine’s Day

Valentines is almost here… want a quick and easy v-day treat?  Well, this looks like the ticket!  The Food Librarian has a lovely recipe for this Broken Glass Jello.  Really, no glass involved though, hehe. The Librarian Explains: Last year, I posted 5-layer Valentine’s Jello and it was very popular. But what happens if you want an even easier gelatin treat (or you don’t have a level re…

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