Creepy Bubble Cocktails for Halloween

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A fun twist on your cocktails for your Halloween Party:  Add some creepy bubble fun!

Tapioca Pearls (like the kind used in Bubble Tea) are a fun, squishy and interesting addition to any number of drinks or shooters for your halloween party.

Get the scoop on how to make them, color them, and flavor them, then let your imagination run wild : Bubble Cocktails

Toss them in a martini, or a cosmo, or use them in shots.

Shooter ideas:

  • Frog Egg Shooter – Whitish opaque pearls (these were the orange liqueur ones) in a Midori shot
  • Fish Egg Shooter – Your favorite clear pink shooter with a mix of pink and white balls.
  • Or how about Grasshopper Eye Shooter (basic Grasshopper recipe with Green Creme de Menthe balls)
  • Blue berry-flavored balls in a Grand Marnier shot. The blue is my favorite — I think these would also be fabulous in a vodka tonic.



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