Creamed Salt Cod with Potatoes

Creamed Salt Cod with Potatoes is a very tasty and simple dish. It’s a typical recipe of traditional Ligurian cuisine.

For many years it was the main dish of Ligurian sailors who spent long periods on seas. The reason was because quite all the ingredients were fairly easy to find and keep for a long time such as SALT COD, POTATOES AND OIL.

The Ligurian dialect name of this dish is “BRANDACUJUN”. The meaning? It’s a bad word so you have to check my recipe to find it out! But believe me it’s worth it because Creamed Salt Cod with Potatoes is delicious!

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I love all red things, reading novels, Milan football team, dark chocolate and Portofino. I have wonderful memories of my grandmother who involved me in the kitchen from a very early age. She was kind and patient and generous with her time. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve being in the kitchen with her while she was cooking Risotto alla Milanese or Polenta. And the bonus of it was that she always made me taste everything.


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