Review: Stonefire Naan (plus ideas for use!)

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I’ve always loved naan, the Indian flatbread.  It’s so versatile.  I’m sure there are recipes out there to make your own, but I’m not really one for making my own bread, particularly when you can get good bread at the market.  The lovely people at Stonefire flatbreads sent me some samples to try* and we really enjoyed them, so I’m sharing a quick review of them here.

We had 3 different types to try: regular, garlic, and whole wheat.  They come 2 flatbreads to a package.


  • We decided to go traditional for the first try, and have these along side some takeout Indian food.  I was too lazy to cook, and I must admit I’ve never attempted a good Lamb Korma.
  • The company recommended spritzing with water and/or brushing with a little oil and reheating, so that’s what we did.  I was quite impressed.  The bread tasted as good as many I’ve had out a local restaurants.

Whole Wheat:

  • For the whole wheat version I decided we needed more samplers, and a less traditional application, so we tried it sliced into wedges as an accompaniment to some hummus dip.
  • The Whole Wheat was still tasty (and healthier), but the texture was not quite as light and fluffy as the non-whole wheat version.  Still good though.


  • For the regular naan, I decided that lunch was in order.  For the first one, myself and The Boy made mini sandwiches with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and spinach.  The bread was light and fluffy, similar to the garlic.  Both me and the 6 year old gave it a thumbs up.
  • For the second piece, I made a hummus and cheese ‘pizza’.  Top the naan with a spread of good hummus, sprinkle with cheese (I used cheddar), and pop into the toaster oven until the cheese is nice and bubbly.  A yummy lunch, or could easily be sliced up for appetizers.
On the whole, would definitely recommend.  According to their website you can buy it at most grocery stores (you can search for a store on their website, and I spotted some at our local Publix yesterday).
So, what to do with your naan, other than as a side for your Indian food?  As you can see from above, it’s very flexible.  I didn’t get around to making any wrapped sandwiches, but it would be very tasty as the outside to a ‘gyro’ type wrap.  Much softer and more flexible than your typical pita (which typically taste dry to me when purchased at the grocery store).  And I think it’s ideal for small pizzas for appetizer or dinner applications.   It would work great in a recipe like this (Pizzazz Pizza) for a super easy and upscale dinner or snack idea.

What about you?  Have any brilliant ideas for naan?

*at Foodwhirl we do welcome food product samples, and if we try and like them, we will share them (our thoughts about them, not the actual samples!) with our readers.  If we don’t care for them, we’ll tell you guys that too, or refrain from reviewing at all.  So we try to make sure we are always giving an honest and upright review.  Other than providing samples, Stonefire did not compensate us for this post, we just like them so we thought you might too!

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