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This recipe is a great quick alternative to biscuits and crescent rolls. Gourgeres are cheesy, delicious way to spice up dinner. They are also a great way to start a party. The best thing about them? You can freeze them and have them hot and fresh whenever you need them.

From the original site: I am not exactly sure how to say the word gourgeres, but I can tell you exactly how they taste. Are you ready? ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! What are they, you ask? FABULOUS! Ok, I will be serious now. I have become obsessed with wanting to make these ever since I found the recipe for them. They are warm bites of deliciousness. So light and airy and cheesy. Oh so cheesy. Look at them! Aren’t they beautiful?!

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Link to Recipe: Gourgeres

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  • pam said:

    These sound soooooo fabulous. I definitely will be making them soon!

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