Pork Cutlets with Mushroom Sauce

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The rich, peppery mushroom sauce over the pork cutlets reminds me of those really, really good Blue Plate specials you used to get – only better

From the original site:

I’ve never been one of those shoppers with a rigid grocery list. Sticking to a list, ticking off every little thing so you stay within $.50 of your budgeted grocery allowance just doesn’t work for me. I like the thrill of the economical buy.
And, I do like a bargain.
Reference the…

6 packs of ox tail for $1.95 a pack
1/2 bushel of okra for eight bucks
family pack of 1.5 pound fryers (really, really tiny chickens) for 89 cents each
industrial-sized bag of frozen chopped spinach…

So, just imagine the joy of unearthing a 1 lb pack of
“Cubed Pork Cutlets” for $1.35. I was over the moon happy.

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