Pulled Pork the Provencal Way

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Pulled Pork the Provencal Way

Pulled Pork Sandwiches were something I never had until we moved from the south of France to Venice Florida. Seems that pulled pork is something of a southern barbeque delicacy and every area claims theirs is the absolute best. I even have a friend from the Midwest who is adamant that pulled pork sandwiches are a specialty of Oklahoma! The thread that ties all the areas together is barbeque sauce. Rich, sweet, tangy and intense barbeque surrounds every morsel of the roasted pork. I’ll probably insult some friends with what I’m about to say but…..I find the barbeque flavoring all a bit overwhelming. The meat is moist and tender for sure but all you taste are the barbeque spices.
So I thought I’d try roasting a pork butt using the same herbs I often rely on when roasting a pork tenderloin.

From the original site: Pulled Pork the Provencal Way is certainly different than your traditional southern pulled pork for sure, but well worth a try. My family really enjoyed this twist on Pulled Pork Sandwiches and voted to have it added to our weekend menus.

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