Quesadilla Salvadorena

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Quesadilla Salvadorena

Salvadoran quesadilla refers to a type of pound cake, not a hot cheesy filled tortilla. Quesadilla, in El Salvador, refers to a fluffy and moist pound cake that is made with a cheese called queso fresco. Parmesan cheese is the closest American counterpart to this cheese and works great in Quesadilla. Give this pound cake a try if you are looking for something sweet and new to try!

From the original site: In El Salvador, quesadilla is a fluffy, moist, sweet cheese pound cake. What type of cheese could possibly go good in a cake? That is a very important question, because the cheese is what makes quesadilla so irresistible. So what cheese is it? Queso fresco, a type of hard, grainy cheese. The American version of this cheese is Parmesan Cheese.

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A 20-someting Americana married to a steamy Salvadoreno. He said only the grannys could make this stuff, but I proved him wrong!

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