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Strawberry Gelato

A light, airy strawberry gelato of the Gods, from Giuliano Hazan in “Hazan Family Favorites.” From the original site: Simply fresh berries, sugar, water, lemon juice and a touch of cream, this is a light-tasting, refreshing treat that was a little tangy, a little dairy, a light texture, perfectly sweetened and flavored.

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Winchester Sun Pumpkin Pie

This comes from the excellent book, “Southern Pies: A Gracious Plenty of Pie Recipes, from Lemon Chess to Chocolate Pecan,” by Nancie McDermott, a North Carolina cookbook author who has gathered up 60+ recipes for every type of Southern pie you can imagine. Any book sporting the phrase, “a gracious plenty” automatically wins the competition […]

Peach Plum Apricot Streusel Crumble

The colours, the flavours, the charm of stone fruit … always like a dream. The crumble was addictive and difficult to keep away from. Sweetly tart and full of soul From the original site: My love affair with fruit in baking and fruit based desserts continues unabated, often bordering obsession. Got back rejuvenated from the […]

cookbook - Menus for a whole year of dinners, 1971
Exploring the Past – A Year’s Worth of Dinners (1971!)

At the ice cream shop down the street from our house, the walls are lined with books.  For a mere 50 cents, you can take one home with you.  Well, the other night I couldn’t resist leaving with this one.  Its name?  “Menus For a Whole Year of Dinners”  – and it’s from Good Housekeeping […]