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Budin de Huevos - Egg Bread Pudding!

Budin de Huevos – Egg Bread Pudding!

I made this recipe by accident one day while trying to make a version of tres leches cake batter using the ingredients I had on hand, mainly cake flour and not all purpose flour. What came out was most certainly not a tres leches, but it was still pretty delicious. I have called this my “budin de huevos”, or egg bread pudding cake, because it’s somewhere between a sponge cake and a bread pudd…

Leche Poleada with Empanada Dippers

Leche Poleada with Empanada Dippers

This is my new twist on a traditional Salvadoran food, empanadas made out of plantains (empanadas de platano). In El Salvador, empanadas de platano are usually eaten coated with sugar. In this recipe I make a vanilla egg custard (leche poleada) that I use to both dip the empanadas into, as well as to fill them with. I serve the pudding and the empanadas in a martini glass for some extra flare! These are not your…


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