How to make candied orange peel

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I used to love those candy orange slices you could get in the Brach’s candy section of most grocery stores (what ever happened to the Brach’s candy section?). You know the ones I’m talking about – the neon orange, sticky sweet, rolled in sugar, orange-segment shaped, jelly-like candies?

Well, this is like the grown-up version of that – huge orange flavor, sweet and sticky, sandy on the outside, with just a slight bitter finish (kind of like orange marmalade). And it’s sooooo much better than those fake orange-shaped candies! Step by step instructions to follow:

I actually used half of this recipe to top an Ultra Orange Cake that I made for some friends.\


Originally published Feb 2010.

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  • Dot
    Dot said:

    Yummm! I did this with lemon peel before, which is another good option!

  • uberVU - social comments said:

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by foodwhirl: How to make candied orange peel – I used to love those candy orange slices you could get in the Brach’s candy secti…

  • Jane Deere said:

    I love this! Orange is one of my favorite flavors and I have always loved those candied orange slices. I’m making a Sweet Tea Martini recipe for friends this weekend and I think I’ll do this with lemon twists! Thanks for the step-by-step…great post!

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