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I am a busy person who loves to cook and to bake and is on the look-out for quick, easy and delicious recipes.
Puff Pastry Hearts
Puffy Hearts

This recipe reconstructed how I think about baking. I am a “bake from scratch” gal but I am going to make a few changes now. This delicious cookie is made from store-bought puff pastry. Five minutes to prepare…. Ten minutes to bake… Presto, you have an attractive and delicious cookie. The success of using puff […]

Goat Cheese Stuffed Spinach Pancakes

The idea of savory pancakes is appealing and stuffing them with goat cheese sold me. This vegetable pancake surrounds a slice of goat cheese, causing it to have a tantalizing flavor. The cheese jumps out at you when you take a bite. I love unusual recipes and for me, this combination, in this presentation was […]