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In my former life I was a molecular biologist. In my current life I am the chief researcher of bloggy html, parenting dos (and some don'ts), new recipes (with accidental veganism thrown in) and for spice I pretend to be a photographer...a mom of all trades.
Zucchini ‘Apple’ Pie (Faux)

Vegetables For Dessert?! Every year I beg any and all of my garden growing friends, “Please, Save the big guns for me!” Zucchini I mean. The bigger the better. Why? Because all the best zucchini treats and meals come from the giantess of the green variety. My favorite zucchini recipes: Chocolate Zucchini Bread (From Penzey’s […]

School Lunch Box Tips | 7 GoodNCrazy Ideas

Cafeteria lunches seem to be increasing in cost while decreasing in nutrition and flavor. As a mom of 3 GoodNCrazy kids I’ve had to come up with creative ideas to get the kids out the door in a realistic time-frame while keeping their tummies happy! We tend to pack lunches about 50% of school days. […]