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Coffee cupcakes

Moist and delicious egg-less coffee cupcakes topped with easiest coffee butter-cream frosting ever! Get the Recipe: Coffee cupcakes

Comforting Barley Soup

Hot bowl of vegetable barley soup to beat this cold weather! Get the Recipe: Comforting Barley Soup

Sambhar instant oats

Oatmeal inspired by South-Indian flavours. Tastes so delicious! Get the Recipe: Sambhar instant oats

Crostini recipes

3 different easy and delicious crostini recipes bursting with flavour. Great appetizer to start your new party! Get the Recipe: Crostini recipes

Strawberry- Brownie Christmas Trifle

Stunning trifle made by layering chocolate brownie, fresh strawberries and chocolate ganache. Strawberry coulis on top gives a tang and jazzes this dessert. Get the Recipe: Strawberry- Brownie Christmas Trifle

Strawberry smoothie

Strawberry smoothie- this delicious and nutritious drink is great for breakfast when you are on a run. Get the Recipe: Strawberry smoothie

Basil pesto

Basil pesto. Made from fresh basil leaves, this aromatic classic Italian sauce is a perfect accompaniment to pasta, bread, salad, risotto, pizza, rice noodles. There is so much you can do with it. I always keep a batch of it in my fridge. Get the Recipe: Basil pesto

Lapsi (Broken wheat porridge with jaggery)

Nutty broken wheat cooked with jaggery (healthier substitute of sugar) makes for a wholesome and healthy breakfast. It keeps you energized all day. Get the Recipe: Lapsi (Broken wheat porridge with jaggery)

Cold rice noddle salad in peanut sauce dressing

Cold rice noodle salad in peanut sauce dressing is an ideal dish when you are running late. Dressed in creamy and nutty peanut sauce, this Asian inspired salad is a must try! Get the Recipe: Cold rice noddle salad in peanut sauce dressing

Orange-basil granita

Refreshing Orange-basil granita. Hint of basil in orange juice gives it a beautiful flavour. Get the Recipe: Orange-basil granita

Tom Kha -Thai Coconut Milk soup

Tom Kha is a fragrant Thai coconut milk Soup which is made by infusing coconut milk with ingredients like lemongrass, galangal, basil and green chilli. It makes for a hearty soup which can be eaten at any time of the day. Get the Recipe: Tom Kha -Thai Coconut Milk soup

Lemon rice

Tangy lemon rice prepared with curry leaves and lemon juice. Great way to use left over rice! Get the Recipe: Lemon rice

Classic Greek Salad

Crunchy vegetables paired with tangy feta cheese makes for a robust salad! Get the Recipe: Classic Greek Salad

Eggless Chocolate cupcakes

Dark chocolate cupcakes- favorite in my family. Nobody needs a reason to indulge in these little pieces of joy. Melting-in-mouth chocolate ganache frosted over moist chocolate cupcakes makes for a perfect treat.This egg-less recipe has been passed by me to almost everyone I know and they all seem to love it. A must try! Get […]

Gnocchi in Marinara sauce

Marinara sauce is more popular known as “Pizza sauce”. I love simplicity of Italian food because its all about fresh ingredients which really shine through the dish. Gnocchi is hand-made pasta which is made with boiled potatoes and flour. Extremely easy to make, gnocchi tastes wonderful in rich marinara sauce. Get the Recipe: Gnocchi in […]

Som Tam- Thai Raw papaya salad

I am a sucker for Thai food . I got to experience authentic Thai cuisine when I visited Bangkok a year back. There I discovered dishes like Som tam, Tom kha, Pad thai, Stir-fried veggies, Tom-yum soup and fell in love with Thai cuisine. Thai food is also supposed to be the healthiest cuisine in […]

Carrot salad- South Indian style!

Spicy and sweet south-indian carrot salad which is sure to become your favorite lunch accompaniment. Get the Recipe: Carrot salad- South Indian style!

Mini taco cups with Roasted Tomato salsa

This dish celebrates mexican cuisine.Tiny baked cups perfectly hold refried beans, veggies and the utterly addictive salsa. Salsa is made by roasting tomatoes, onions and garlic in oven and blending with cumin powder, fresh lime juice and coriander. This salsa is perfect for a movie night when you have a bowl of chips to finish […]

Fig Milkshake

Fig milkshake which is made by blending pre-soaked figs and milk. Great way to start your morning or serve to guests as a welcome drink. Ingredients: Milk Figs Honey Walnuts Instructions:

Sabudana Kheer- Tapioca pudding

Traditional Indian dessert made with milk and soaked tapioca pearls and flavored with cardamom. Ingredients: Tapioca pearls Milk Sugar Cardamom saffron almonds Instructions: Find the full recipe here

Chocolate truffles

Truffles are incredibly easy to make and perfect petit fours. Truffles can be flavored and coated with nuts, coconut shavings, icing sugar, sprinkles and cocoa powder. Make them previous day and refrigerate for your guests. Make extra chocolate ganache while making dark chocolate cake and use it to make truffles :) Ingredients: Amul cream Dark […]