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About Fouzia

Food is my passion and I love to cook and blog and share my recipes with all foodies like me as well as everyone. I love to experiment with new recipes and enjoy creating new dishes. Therefore blogging helps me share not only recipes of traditional dishes that my family and I enjoy but also new dishes that I create on my own. Born in a large family in India where each state revels for its cooking tradition, I developed a taste for good food from a very early age. I enjoyed my mom's cooking but never really learnt to cook until I got married into a family of foodies, when the journey began.......
Egg plant Bun Sandwich

A quick nutritious and yummy sandwich for lunch, something to grab and go. Get the Recipe: Egg plant Bun Sandwich

Spicy Indian Sushi

Who says Sushi can be made with only uncooked sea-food or raw vegetables? My little parcels of joy can change the way we eat indian food…………….more From the original site: I always craved for some spicy Sushi and being a fond lover of Indian food I longed to indianise the Sushi………………… more Get the Recipe: […]

Mamouls, cookies from Heaven!

Mamouls are what I would call, cookies from Heaven!! They melt in the mouth and make you feel like you are in the seventh heaven. These little goodies, packed with rich nuts, scented with orange blossom water and sweetened with honey are so addicting that you would never want to stop eating them. Ingredients: Ingredients: […]

The White Biryani

It is a new type of biryani that I created for those who don’t like spicy food. It was light, flavourful and very tasty. I would recommend this to all those who have heart burn or gastric problems as this is not oily, heavy or spicy. From the original site: Ever imagined eating a biryani […]