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Indian Food Blogger, professional Food Stylist, Food Photographer and freelance food consultant.
Pineapple Jam

It is always hard to bid goodbye to seasonal fruits and to enjoy taste of seasonal fruits for a longer duration I make fruit jams, few seasonal fruits I have got obsessed with are Plums, Peaches and Pineapples (All P’s!!) Jam for me is the best way o preserve fruits and relish their goodness for […]

Fudgy Cocoa Brownie

Today, brownies can be found with a number of flavor variations and add-ons, such as peanut butter, mint, coffee, raspberry, white chocolate, almonds, raisins, candies, or caramel but out of all these Cocoa Brownie is my second favorite flavor after Classic Chocolate Brownies (see recipe here), ultra rich, deep, dark cocoa flavor, these brownies are […]

Apple Cinnamon Spread

For this Apple Cinnamon spread I chopped the apple but apples can be grated also, the texture of the spread should remain coarse and not very smooth, paste like. I have powdered cinnamon with me so I used that but while cooking apples whole cinnamon sticks can also be added and you can discard them […]

Golden Corn Muffins

Batter for this Golden Corn Muffins can be used to bake either tender square, muffins or corn sticks, in-fact with little variation in batter Southern Corn Bread can also be baked though I have not tried it yet. From the original site: Batter for this Golden Corn Muffins can be used to bake either tender […]

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken has it’s roots in Delhi, when Delhi was aka Dilli during the Mughal period, from the different stories I have heard about the Butter Chicken, the current version of Butter Chicken is the gift of restaurant called Moti Mahal, in Delhi. Ingredients: 700 gms raw chicken, with bone and skin out Marinade: 1 […]

Thai Stir Fired Vegetables

Stir Frying is a Chinese technique to cook food in wok on high flame, it induces smoky flavor in food and prevents food from getting over cooked. Stir fried dishes has a crunch in them and too much oil is not used to achieve that crunchiness. Ingredients: 5 – 6 button mushrooms, each cut into […]

Chicken in Red Thai Curry

If you are a vegetarian than instead of chicken you can add mushrooms, baby corns, bell peppers and other vegetables all chopped in big chunks, there is no change is the taste because we are using the same Red Curry Paste for both the recipes. From the original site: In the recent years Thai cuisine […]