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Balado Sambal – Indonesian Chili Sambal (sauce)

this type of sambal is the most “helpful” dish for every housewife in Indonesia, because with only one sauce we can prepare a different kind of dish everyday! From the original site: Balado sambal have a rich taste of flavor. A slightly sour taste from the fresh tomato, a sweet one from sugar and a […]

Japchae – Korean Sweet Stir Fry Noodle with Beef and Vegetables

All family member waiting this dish to be serve…This is one of our comfort food :) From the original site: Japchae is one of korean favorite traditional dishes, it’s a sweet stir fry noodle with vegetables and beef. Japchae often serve as side dish on korean house, if japchae serve only with rice in a […]

Balinese Fish Satay

Hope you can feel a little bit of Bali atmosphere and hope someday you can enjoy the beautiful island of Bali :) From the original site: One of the most well known traditional Bali dishes is Balinese Fish Satay or well known as Sate Lilit in Indonesia. This authentic satay is prepare with most known […]

Dark Chocolate Rolled Oats Raisin Walnut Cookies

Loves this cookies because it’s healthy cookies From the original site: Now you can have this cookies at morning… lunch… and even dinner! No need to have a guilty feeling anymore to have a snack-dessert at dinner now…

Healthier Pumpkin Soup – Fusion

This healthier version of pumpkin soup perfect for the autumn season From the original site: I use kabocha, it’s Japanese pumpkin. Kabocha has a sweeter taste more than other type of pumpkin. It’s high with potasium, vit B and C and as the source of complex carbohydrates which good for increasing energy. This pumpkin soup […]

Mandu – Korean Dumpling

I loves this recipe because is a tasty way to enjoy tofu and mushrooms From the original site: My son & hubby loves this korean dumpling so much, so… I always makes a lot of it when there is time for making mandu. Moreover this is another way to enjoy tofu and shitake mushrooms in […]