About Jane Deere

My foodie obsession started early in life in my grandma’s kitchen, making Strudels, Kolaches and Fried Pies, and later landed me in culinary school. Instead of becoming an executive chef of a five-star restaurant, I am now the lunch lady for my husband and three kids. I am a true foodie and love to taste my way through life. I try my hardest to use homegrown or local ingredients whenever possible and love to make all kinds of dishes from good ole home cookin’ to foods from around the world. Of course, I also make lots of comfort foods and sweet treats. Through blogging I have come to love food photography and food styling, although I have no formal training in either. Looking over my past pics, you'll see that I'm making good progress. I have been married to Quinton for 11 years and we adopted three beautiful children in 2006 (Lexie-13, Ray-10, Joseph-8).


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