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5 ‘wicked awesome’ lunchbox ideas

I know moms/dads everywhere make kitchen discoveries; we have mini light bulb ‘a-ha!’ moments as we figure out how to make things work… better. Each little ‘helpful hint’ isn’t worth shouting about… but maybe here and there a list proves useful to another parent-making-lunches. Little dots of wisdom that speckle our kitchens—that aid our lunch-making […]

Happy Saint Patty’s day: just add pesto.

Sure you have to wear green so you won’t be pinched. I used to throw in a bright green hair ribbon when I was little, and I think we pinned on clovers more than once. Why not give green to your food too? Or greenify your kids’ lunches or get in the spirit during dinner? […]

About talkoftomatoes

Ciao! I sometimes guest post for Foodwhirl, so here are a few tidbits so you know who is behind all the ‘talk.’ My blog is Talk of Tomatoes ( I have been blogging for over 4 years; I live in Seattle. I blog a lot about Italian food, go-to recipes, cooking methods, make-ahead meals and […]