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I am a foodphotographer from the Netherlands who loves to blog!
Chocolate cardamom cake

This chocolate cardamom cake is very decadent and rich, so make sure you leave some room after dinner! You do want to have a slice of this! Get the Recipe: Chocolate cardamom cake

Cranberry upside down cake

This is a fairly easy recipe and because the cake it baked upside down it is lovely moist and juicy. Get the Recipe: Cranberry upside down cake

Christmas bundt cake

Beautiful Christmas Bundt Cake with juicy cranberries and made with spelt and chestnut flour. The smell alone gives you that instant Christmas feeling! Get the Recipe: Christmas bundt cake

Spelt salad with cranberries

This salad with spelt is not only extremely healthy and good for you, it is also delicious. The nutty flavor of the spelt, combined with the slight sweetness of the cranberries and the crunchy saltiness of the halloumi is just perfect! From the original site: How often do you read all those ingredient labels on […]