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I LOVE FOOD - eating that is, always trying out food from different cultures. Living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where food is available 24hours, hunting food places became a weekly past time. 2 years ago when I attended an Ayurvedic talk, only did I realised how much junk i put in my body. Busy lifestyle and hectic schedules did not help, it was easier to have canned & frozen food on standby. Little did I know that those food fill my hunger, but does nothing to my body. I slowly increased my intake of fresh food & ingredients, and begins my quest to re-learn preparing my meals from scratch.. and I've been hooked since! Not having the patience for long hours of food preparation, I always look for easy recipes or simplify them. You will discover how simple it can be to produce delicious and wholesome meals that will sum up your day. I'm here to share QUICK & HEALTHY RECIPES with fresh natural ingredients, that is JUST AS DELISH! I hope I can inspire you to start spending more time in your kitchen and discover the chef within you.
Chicken Satay

Malaysian Chicken Satay – charcoal grilled succulent skewered chicken with satay sauce. Chicken Satay is full of flavour even without the sauce. A must try Malaysian street food. From the original site: If you have never had satay, you don’t know what you are missing! Satay is one of the must try Malaysian street food […]

Strawberry Crepes with Whipped Cream Filling

These Strawberry Crepes will satisfy any cravings with whipped cream filling, drizzled with chocolate. A classic french breakfast or also great as dessert From the original site: these crepes tastes amazing! The whipped cream is light and the strawberries gave each bite a slight sour surprise. and the chocolate drizzle just makes it completely heavenly. […]

Moist & Tender Rice Pancake

About a month ago, I was on a month of detox diet to reduce Candida (a type of yeast) symptoms. The first 3 days following this diet almost drives me nuts because it’s crucial to eliminate sugar and refined foods to reduce Candida growth. Sugar (even honey and fruits) and gluten filled grains is a haven for the […]

Quick & Easy Korean Bimbimbap

Remember Winter Sonata? OMG! Every girl I know was talking non-stop about the drama, the love story, the heartbreak, the tears and of course the handsome BAE YONG CHOON (which I had a crush on too!). I remembered it was Winter Sonata that created the whole Korean drama craze in Malaysia. Since then, I had […]

Claypot Chicken Rice – Without Claypot

Quick & easy way is to cook Claypot Chicken Rice – combine all ingredients and pop everything into the rice cooker. From the original site: Have you experienced this before? Open the fridge and the mind goes blank.. open the freezer, the mind goes blank.. then open the fridge again, stare blankly into the fridge […]

Vegetable Rice

1 Pot Meal – Rice cooked with Vegetables, easy to prepare, wholesome vegetarian meal. 1 Pot meal is one of my favourite type of dish when I’m lazy to cook From the original site: This week is dedicated to ONE DISH MEALS, my favourite meal to prepare because I am feeling lazy. There are days […]

Chicken Kabsa – Arabic Rice Dish

Kabsa is an Arabic favorite rice dish in many Gulf countries. This is a chicken version of the Kabsa recipe, Shannon’s SIMPLIFIED version – a 1 dish meal. I love cooking this dish when I’m in a rush and the beautiful flavours from the spices gives a warm aroma to the whole house. From the […]