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Sweets for your Sweet! (Homemade Marshmallows)

A valentines re-run, originally published 2/10/2010 One of my favorite things to make during the holidays are marshmallows.  This year, I was busy taking care of a newborn and didn’t have time to indulge my candy-making yen. I thought it would be fun to do a Valentine’s day version.  These fluffy candy hearts are a […]

candy orange peel, how to make at
How to make candied orange peel

I used to love those candy orange slices you could get in the Brach’s candy section of most grocery stores (what ever happened to the Brach’s candy section?). You know the ones I’m talking about – the neon orange, sticky sweet, rolled in sugar, orange-segment shaped, jelly-like candies? Well, this is like the grown-up version […]

A great use for leftovers

(a foodwhirl re-run.. so good we ran it again!) Okay, so remember that roast pork I made a little while ago? Well, it makes a lot of meat, and we always try to freeze some to use at a later date. Last night I didn’t feel like cooking anything elaborate, so I looked in the […]

Lemon! Cake

(originally published March 2010) If you like lemon, then this is the cake for you! This is an adaptation of the Ultra Orange Cake that I frequently make.  It is a vegan cake, so it uses a combination of citrus juice, vinegar and baking soda for its leavening. I love the orange version, and wondered […]

Refreshing Pimm’s Cup Cocktail

“What is a Pimm’s Cup?” you might ask. Well, I’m here to tell you. It is one of the most refreshing cocktails you’ll ever imbibe. If you can get your hands on English-style fizzy lemonade, then this would be a much more authentic version. I have yet to find a completely authentic substitute in the […]

Here comes Peter Cottontail

This cake holds so many memories for me.  As a child, we made a version of this every year at Easter.  What I love about it is the simplicity of the design – even a child can pull this off.  You don’t have to be a professional to make this simple little bunny shaped cake, […]

Guinness Spice Cake

Need a last minute dessert for your St. Patrick’s Day festivities? Try this quick and easy Guinness spice cake (I know you’ve got some Guinness on hand. It is St. Patrick’s Day after all). Since tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and I’ve been sorely neglectful thus far in posting recipes related to this historic holiday, […]

Mushroom Chicken Burgers and Bake-Fries

{a Foodwhirl Re-run} Years ago, when the fat-free fad was all the rage (oh, how very far we’ve come) I got on a turkey-burger kick using 99% fat free ground turkey breast.  The problem with 99% fat free anything is that it has very little fat (duh), which means very little moisture (or flavor, for […]

Hot ‘n’ Smoky Baked Beans

This is an adaptation of a recipe that appeared in Bon Appetit magazine back in the late ’90s. I think it might have even been a Memorial Day issue. Or maybe it was the 4th of July. Anyway, I made it that year and have been making it every year since. What makes it special […]

Whole-wheat Sandwich Bread

Of course you can buy your sandwich bread, and most of the time I do.  Occasionally though (and more often now that I’m beginning to realize what sorts of additives and preservatives they use to increase shelf-life) I like to make mine at home.  Besides, it’s so simple and there’s really nothing better than the […]

Easy Homemade Falafel

When I was in graduate school in Chapel Hill, NC, I lived right outside of downtown Chapel Hill.  I was pretty much within walking/biking distance of the campus, and I spent a lot of my time in the downtown area, frequenting the many restaurants and shops on Franklin Street. One of my favorite little eateries […]

Cook with your kids: Homemade pizza

One of the best ways to get your kids to try new things is to get them involved in the process.  Let them see where their food comes from, or how it’s made, and I guarantee they’ll be excited about eating it.  My four-year-old got to help plant our family garden last summer, and he […]

Family Recipes: Caramel Frosting

If you’ve ever asked a family member for a favorite recipe, or perused your grandmother’s cookbooks, marveling at the notes she’s taken in the margins and the bits of dried-on ingredients left as artifacts of her pursuits, then you know there’s a certain comfort to be taken in preserving the heritage that is contained therein. […]

How to make fancy chocolate curls

I needed something fancy to decorate the equally fancy chocolate pie I was making for Valentine’s day.  I really like the look of a mound of chocolate curls haphazardly sprinkled over the top of a dessert, so I gathered my ingredients and quickly threw some together. Ingredients 2 oz. semi-sweet chocolate 1 teaspoon vegetable shortening […]

Food for thought….

I subscribe to all manner of blogs, both through my feed reader and through Facebook. Today I got a message on my Facebook wall for the Super Healthy Kids Blog featuring an article about 10-cent breakfast. Obviously, I couldn’t pass it up! In the article, the blogger discusses her struggles with staying within her monthly […]

Risotto con Funghi

This is an elegantly simple dish to make, but I don’t do it very often because it is by no means good for you. I know there are ways to make it more health-conscious (less butter and cheese, no cream, etc.), but I just can’t bring myself to adulterate it like that. So, I only […]

Simple (almost) Summer Salad

As much as I really wanted to try out Dot’s frank-and-burger loaf recipe for dinner tonight (I mean, yum, right?), I opted to go a slightly simpler and (more than slightly) healthier route. I received some lovely avocados, tomatoes and corn in my produce box this week, and all of them were in need of […]

Tres Leches Cake for Cinco de Mayo

I published this over at my other blog, life, in recipes a few months ago, and I thought it might be nice to share over here for everyone’s upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Do you like cake and ice-cream?  Do you especially like it when your cake and ice-cream get all jumbled up together and […]

Roasted Broccoli with Feta Cheese

Things have been so overwhelmingly busy these days, I haven’t had time to even think. About anything. So meals that are simple and quick to throw together are really a must. It’s always easier to come up with a quick fix when you’ve got good ingredients on hand. Luckily, this week I received a bunch […]

Chocolate-chip Brownies

Editor’s Note: These decadent brownies were originally published for Valentines Day, but Mother’s Day is coming up, and wouldn’t Mom Just love some?? (hint hint) These decadent, rich, chocolaty treats are super simple to make, and never fail to impress anyone you make them for. My husband loves these, and requests them all the time. […]

What do you do when life gets in the way of good food?

Life has been pretty hectic these days. On top of hubby’s two jobs, my part-time job and our two little ones, we’ve decided to move. Which means packing. And cleaning. And getting our house ready to go on the market. And working. And cleaning some more. So where, in the midst of all that, do […]

Strawberry Curd

Strawberries are finally in season locally, which means they’re once again affordable and fresh.  My four-year-old LOVES them, so they are always on-hand at our house this time of year. I wanted something a little bit more sophisticated to serve with our Easter bunny cake, so I decided to try my hand at a strawberry […]

Being creative with produce: orange tilapia filets with salad and quinoa

You may or may not know that Rawls, one of our esteemed contributors, is a huge proponent of Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSA’s) and of using organic and local produce. She is affiliated with Gaia’s Greens, a south-metro-Atlanta based CSA program and organic produce delivery service. I live on the north side of town, and […]

Corned Beef and Cabbage: Part 3 of 3(corned beef hash with basted eggs)

Who’s sick of hearing about corned beef and cabbage?  Well, I promise, this is the end of this fascinating series.  I just want to make sure you’ve got some options for all those yummy leftovers (4 lbs of beef is a lot, and unless you’re throwing a party, I’m sure you’ve got some extra). This […]

Easy as [shepherd’s] pie!

[ed- this would be a great St. Pat’s dish tonight!] This is a recipe you could do ahead of time and freeze, or you could throw it together at the last minute for a dinner party (can be easily double or tripled for larger groups) or family dinner. It’s really versatile and easy. My family […]