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I am a vegetarian! I was raised a vegetarian but started eating meat when I moved to Ohio in 2003 for various reasons. But in 2009 I gave up meat completely for ethical reasons. I have been meat free ever since. Although you will not find me talking about how everybody needs to leave meat all the timeā€¦.but I try to contribute in spreading the awareness by making flavorful vegetarian and vegan recipes from different parts of the world and posting them on my blog.

I lived in Kuwait for a few years and had the opportunity to taste some authentic Arabic food. Out of all, hummus is my favorite but I am also a huge fan of the falafel wrap or sandwich. The Arabic food varies throughout the Middle East. Lebanese food is different from the food that I […]

Buttermilk, Cornmeal Pancakes with Corn Salsa

This recipe is so light and colorful and makes a perfect meal for a summer day. I just love how sunny this dish looks. It is light in flavor yet quiet filling. The corn salsa just takes the pancakes to a different level, the combination of flavors are very satisfactory. The corn salsa is such […]