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I am on a quest to discover all facets of food. This culinary journey has taken me to explore and Unravel tralatitious recipes,regional fares, heirloom recipes, recipes cooked in the royal kitchens,recipes of master chefs in restaurants, spa food and food on the streets like the locals like it. I have tried to recreate these recipes in my kitchen many as they are and some by adding my touch that was to replace traditional ingredients with healthy alternatives. You will find an array of recipes belonging to different regions which I have described pictorially in steps and you can replicate very easily in your kitchen no matter which part of the globe you are in.

In this penne pasta dish the traditional Béchamel sauce has been given a make over. It tastes the same as the original sauce but does neither use butter, nor cream, nor cheese like the original white sauce. This means you can have this pasta everyday and that too guilt free. Also by infusing lemon basil […]