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Here’s the thing. Like a lot of people, I have my own ideas what good moussaka should taste like. I’ve had it in countless Greek Diners and at nameless pot-luck dinners and church socials. Hell, I’ve even had it with green beans tucked in-between the layers of savory meat and pillow-y white sauce. And, while […]

Jamaican Banana Bread

As it so happens, I got a little banana crazy a month ago, and started buying a bunch of banana every week. I like a banana, but I really only like them when they are still just off the green and beginning to turn yellow. Once they turn fully golden I find them a little […]

Soy – Free “Soy Sauce”

There are several recipes out there for a “no – soy” soy sauce. However, all of them use either vegetable broth or beef broth as the base. AND, unless the brand you choose specifically states that it is “Soy Free” (and the majority of them aren’t) I’m still getting soy in the mix. You see, […]

Melanzane al Funghetto

I was prowling through one of my Neapolitan cookbooks and stumbled on Melanzane al Funghetto or Eggplant Mushrooms. And – depending on whatever reference book I was looking at it refers to either cooking aubergines in the style of mushrooms… or cutting and cooking them so they look like little mushrooms. Either way, neither taste […]

Pork Cutlets with Mushroom Sauce

The rich, peppery mushroom sauce over the pork cutlets reminds me of those really, really good Blue Plate specials you used to get – only better From the original site: I’ve never been one of those shoppers with a rigid grocery list. Sticking to a list, ticking off every little thing so you stay within […]

“Not” Kraut – Sauteed Cabbage & Pears

While kraut is always a good stand by for any pork recipe, sometimes something lighter and cabbage-y is just the ticket Ingredients: 2 Cups Shredded Cabbage 4 Strips Low Sodium Bacon – Chopped 2 Medium Pears – Diced 1/2 Cup Onion – Chopped 1/4 Cup Cider Vinegar 1 Cup White Wine 1 Teaspoon Caraway Seeds […]

Crispy Salmon Tacos

Beefing up the texture with the corn starch and egg makes it a wonderful, crunchy delight Get the Recipe: Crispy Salmon Tacos