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Ranjani Raj is an author behind “Ranjani’s Kitchen”, a food blog. Works as a tech associate in a private concern. A food blogger, content writer and amateur photographer
abc juice

abc juice | apple beetroot carrot juice – healthy drink to start your day.All three apple, beet, and carrot have wonderful health benefits.

brinjal chutney

Brinjal chutney | kathirikai chutney for idli and dosa – simple and delicious chutney recipe to serve as a side dish for idli and dosa.

Poha chivda recipe

Poha chivda | chivda recipe – simple and delicious snack we can make in batches and store for a month.

Watermelon rind kootu

Watermelon rind kootu | watermelon rind recipes – watermelon rind is the white juicy part between red juicy flesh and green skin which looks like sorakkai or poosanikai.

Jackfruit payasam

Jackfruit payasam | chakka pradhaman – a flavour payasam recipe made using jackfruit which is called palapazham

watermelon recipes

Top 5 watermelon recipes you should try – it is watermelon season so I tried some easy watermelon recipes that you can enjoy.

drumstick soup recipe

drumstick soup recipe | murungakkai soup – a miraculous soup recipe loaded with enormous health benefits.

Fig banana smoothie

Fig banana smoothie | dried fig smoothie is highly nutritious and creamy in texture.we can make this smoothie recipe using dried figs or fresh fig fruit.

instant mango pickle

instant aam ka achar recipe | instant grated mango pickle – simple and tasty pickle you can make within 15 mins.

parangikai paal kootu

Pumpkin paal kootu | parangikai paal kootu | பரங்கிக்காய் பால் கூட்டு – simple, mildly sweet side dish recipe which goes well with vathal kuzhambu

vengaya vadagam using left over rice recipe

vengaya vadagam using left over rice recipe | leftover rice vadam recipe – making of sun dried left rice fritters is a common practice in south indian homes if we have left over rice.

maa inji pachai milagu oorugai

maa inji pachai milagu oorugai | mango ginger raw pepper pickle – raw tender green pepper (pachai milagu) soaked along with mango ginger in lukewarm water. Mango ginger is a normal ginger variety which smells like mango.

Milagu kuzhambu

Milagu kuzhambu | chettinad poondu milagu kuzhambu – a great medicinal value filled recipe everyone should include in this pandemic time.

Vadu maanga pickle

vadu mango pickle | maavadu recipe – a pickle which can be stored for an year. Maavadu is baby mango which is very good for health.

gooseberry pickle

gooseberry pickle | amla pickle recipe south Indian style – made a small batch of instant amla pickle.

Maravalli kizhangu adai

Maravalli kizhangu adai | tapioca adai – instant idea of making dinner or breakfast.its a variation of usual adai we make.

Kovil Kadamba sadam

looking for sattvic recipe??? here you go with this no onion no garlic kadamba rice which can be served at perumal temples as prasadham.. You try your homemade version :)

Carrot and tomato soup

Carrot and tomato soup | comforting soup recipe for this winter – a bowl of piping hot soup does wonder for this monsoon.

Ulundhu kali recipe

A traditional value filled recipe for the wellness of women’s health – ulunthu kali / black urad dal mudde

Hibiscus tea recipe

Hibiscus tea recipe | karkade tea | Jamaica tea – If you are a herbal tea lover, you should add this tea in your list

Elai kozhukattai recipe

Kerala ela ada / vazhayila kozhukattai – traditional kerala delicacy which will prepare during festivals like ganesh chathurthi

Avakkai Oorugai

Andhra Avakkai Pickle | Avakaya Recipe – A traditional pickle recipe from Andhra cuisine.