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I am into making the best possible food, but I don’t make it a habit of making dishes that are excessive in nature or over bloated with ingredients that most people don’t have on hand on a daily basis. That being said I do like to make some classic dishes that are very easy to make and are not excessive by virtue of really expensive ingredients. Food is something that happens everyday and I don’t think it is necessary to go on a “treasure hunt” to find “one of a kind” or pretentious ingredients to make dishes with! You don’t need these types of things to be a fantastic cook. This is why the name of my site is EZ Cooking! So who is Richard Blaine? I am not an industry professional in the sense that I am not a food photographer or writer(only for my blog!) and I am not a food critic for some newspaper where I live. So in truth I will probably not win any awards for my food photos and that’s OK! I am not an award winning chef with a mega blog. I am just a man that has always loved to cook since I was a boy and I felt it was time to share my passion with others in order to help me grow and hopefully help others grow as cooks as well! I am the kind of guy that really likes to get immersed in a subject. I am totally immersed in food. (immersed, not submerged! I know that can bring strange images to one’s mind!) I don’t do bologna sandwiches for lunch and I don’t do mac and cheese for dinner, unless I make it from scratch and add my own flair to it! In my daily life I work as a retail cutlery store manager (the largest cutlery store in the Western United States) I come into contact with some of the finest chefs and cooks from some of the finest establishments my town has to offer and naturally the conversation is always about food. If I have the opportunity to talk about cooking I take it. I am always being shown new things that I previously did not know. I was a bartender for a few years and I like spirits. Irish Whiskey, Bourbon and Scotch. All on the upper end of the scale and my friends think I am a booze snob. I guess I am! I am only willing to put certain things in my body and it has to be quality. My specialty is cutlery as I have been in the cutlery industry for over 30 years now. I am a knife fanatic and means kitchen knives as well. I love a good quality kitchen knife!
The Original Kim Chi Recipe

I love Korean Kimchi! The most basic type of Kimchi in Korea is called Bae Chu Kimchi and is made of cabbage and anchovies or fish sauce and Korean red chili powder call Gochujang! I learned how to make Bae Chu Kimchi from a room mate I had in college and he and his mother […]

Pasta Alla Caruso

Enrico Caruso was a foodie at heart long before the word foodie ever came to be and he loved to cook and this dish was one of his favorite spaghetti recipes just as it is one of my favorite spaghetti recipes! Caruso dominated the opera scene of the day at the Metropolitan Opera house in […]