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Millet Nutella Pudding

Finger Millet Flour or Raagi ,a highly nutritious cereal loaded with calcium, proteins, iron and other minerals.A special amino acid, Tryptophan present in Ragi helps in curbing appetite ,so its an ideal cereal for weight-loss. In summer they prepare Ragi malt ,a natural energy drink that helps keep the body energized and satiated throughout the […]

Tawa Paneer

It’s became a trend these days to rain on every weekend in Delhi making my Mondays so beautiful.This is a perfect recipe to have in this awesome cloudy weather and enjoy the festival of “Baisakhi” today. On the occasion of arrival of a new harvesting season, people all over the country celebrate this festival.May this […]

Sabudana Vada

I was introduced to this amchi mumbai street-food in Bangalore.  After that sabudana vada became a common snacks at my home .  A cloudy weather ,a cup of Masala chai with some hot vadas ..what can i ask more !!

Banana Cherry Bread

This is a must when there is few overripe bananas at home.Few warm slices with a glass of milk make my breakfast a leisurely one.  Hubby bought a box of dry cherries from Seattle farmer’s Markets which are the best so far i have eaten. I used those in my bread but you can replace […]

pear chicken bagel sandwich

Summer is all about making a smarter choice in food and keeping yourself more healthy. At the same time we always wish a delicious dish in a less time.Usually after a busy tiring day ,dinner is always a problem. Isn’t so? Why not some healthy sandwiches to try which are delicious too.I have used multi-grain […]

Pineapple Jasmine Iced tea

A Summer Cooler In such a humid day you need more liquid to quench your thirst. Fruity iced tea is an addiction to me on summer days.I love my iced-tea to blend with some fresh fruit juice.This is a satisfying one with a soothing jasmine flavor. Pineapple Jasmine Iced tea – Get The Recipe!

Mango Pickle

Indian traditional way of making pickle. Get the Recipe: Mango Pickle

Pran Dum Biriyani

You really don’t need any side dish to enjoy Prawn Biriyani. Easy to make and satisfying one. Pran Dum Biriyani – Get the Recipe!  

Minty Cucumber Agua Fresca

Summer has started and so the cold cooler has also started showing it’s charm in my life.Fresh coolers, salads and fruits are more in my diet these days.To me the best way to deal with summer hot days. Aguas frescas (Spanish “cool waters”) are a combination of fruits, cereals or flowers blended with sugar and […]