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South-indian cook in an America kitchen !!
Peach Milkshake

Peach milkshake is a blend of peach, strawberries and apple juice which makes for a little more layering of flavors. Check out the easy recipe for a delicious, creamy, icy milkshake. Ingredients: Peaches (fresh or frozen) – 1 cup sliced ; Strawberry – 1/2 cup ; Milk – 1/2 cup * ; Apple Juice – […]

Strawberry Banana Yogurt Frappe

Strawberry Banana yogurt frappe is a smooth and yummy drink, one can slurp up ! This is a great grab-and-go breakfast option! From the original site: Smoothies themselves are already hot favorites, strawberry-banana combo makes the prospect simply irresistible. Get the Recipe: Strawberry Banana Yogurt Frappe

Aloo (Potato) Paratha

This recipe is paratha(whole-wheat Indian flat bread) stuffed with spicy filling of boiled potatoes, onion, coriander leaves and spices. From the original site: Parathas are whole-wheat Indian flat bread. Parathas can be made plain or stuffed with many different fillings. Get the Recipe: Aloo(Potato) Paratha

Crispy oven-baked zucchini

Zucchini, also known as courgette, is an excellent source of Vitamins A and C, and is low in calories making it an excellent choice for dieters. Crispy oven-baked zucchini is delicious, easy and tasty. It is a great low fat alternative to fried zucchini. Fried zucchini is delicious, but it’s also laden with fat and […]