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Hello People, I have been an absolutely tongue-tied on knowledge of food since ever. My recipes are completely tried and tested as they come directly from my kitchen to you..!!:) WARNING: My food pics may stimulate hunger, so explore my blog with munchies within a reachable distance! For the love of food… For More you can visit my blog @
Instant Pizza Samosa

Almost every Indian craves for samosas as the monsoon knocks the door… the combination of piping hot Samosa with hot sip of coffee or Ginger tea is one of the best combos made in heaven.. I have tried out many fillings in Samosas earlier starting from the traditional potato filling to , Cottage cheese and […]

Eggless Classic Black Forest Cake

When you have a special Occasion and you are skeptical on trying something new, the classics are always our choice isn’t it?? :) Made this ** Classic Black Forest Cake; Egg less** Few days back, never got time to pen down the recipe and share with you all. I am sharing my joy of making […]

Saffron Almond and Pistachio Indian Ice Cream

Kulfi Defines a Frozen Creamy dessert, required no churning or whipping. It’s much Dense and Creamier than the regular Ice Creams. This is regular with my family as summers arrive..:)

Eggless Kesar Pista Saffron Pistachio Cookies

Saffron and Pistachio /Kesar pista is a combination made in heaven. I personally adore this combination and love to make kesar pista Milk shake, Kesar Pista Ice cream in summers, Kesar Pista Popsicle and many more desserts with this awesome twosome combo..:) This time I thought of using this combination little differently and make cookies. […]

Bite Size Eggless Cinnamon Rolls Florets

An Eggfree Preparation of the Beautiful looking Bite Sized Buttery and Cinnamon Infused Rolls are perfect for any party, Get together or any Holiday Season. They are absolutely easy to prepare and please your guests for sure..:)

Eggless Besan Gram Flour Cookies

These Cookies are regular with my family, I make a fresh batch almost every 2 weeks..:) and I love Baking them as they are easy and my family loves gobbling them as they are super delicious, gluten free and absolutely melt in mouth..:) Ingredients Ingredients * 1 cup Besan/ gram flour * Desi ghee 1/2 […]

Falafel Stuffed Bread Bites

These Freshly Bread Bites are perfect for those little fussy eaters. Rich in Protein, Fresh Bake makes it healthy and cute little icey Micey Shapes makes them looks Cute too.. :) Perfect for kid”s tiffin ideas, Small Parties and picnics too..:)