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I started exploring my passion for food when I was in my 6th grade. What started as an experiment became my best interest. I'm a home maker and a full time stay at home mother of a darling daughter Sniktha aka Snickers. I love eating as much I love cooking. Trying different restaurants and different cuisines is something that I enjoy the most. My blog is an attempt to cook and explore different cuisines. I'm an avid traveler and a singer too. I've interests in painting. I'm from Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India) and a die hard fan of Rajnikanth!!! I love life and believe in living to the moment.
Aish el Saraya

Aish – el – Saraya is a Lebanese Dessert. It is egg less and very easy to make. It has a sugar soaked layer of rusks which are topped with rose flavored creamy and mildly sweet custard. I loved this dessert for its simple procedure and was a welcome in this summer. Ingredients For the […]