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Being a decisive nomad with a lust for adventure travel and an aspiration to experience new cultures, my desire to travel and fashion knew no bounds. Describing myself as a nature lover, travel enthusiast, fashion flirt, supreme foodie, blogger, optimist and fervent person, I am always on my heels and have a burning appetite for travel, fashion, food and knowledge. Meeting people from different walks of life allows me to look at the world in diverse outlook. The one element that keeps me growing up the graph is my passion for writing. Hoping to see myself travel around the world enjoying every bit of it and learning their lifestyle, I am determined to take pleasure in benefiting from everything I do. On a personal front, I find a lot of peace and solace when I go out specifically to discover places. It refreshes me from the day-to-day grind. I have become more observant and started respecting lifestyles in a new way.


The aroma and the appetizing mesmeric taste of brewing coffee is a treat to every taste bud. Coffee shakes and cocktails are top listed in the menu cards of prominent restaurants. But these coffee shake recipes are simple to be prepared at home. Learn how easy these shakes can be made. Ingredients: Ingredients vary from […]