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I'm sorta a crafty nerdy cook, who is layered... like pie.
Roast Cast Iron Cumin Chicken at Foodwhirl
Cast Iron Roasted Cumin Chicken (with roasted cauliflower)

So Niki (who has a lot of recipes here, but you can find her at her own blog, Life in Recipes), has been raving about her oh so easy and tasty discovery of Cast Iron Skillet Chicken.  So, I decided to try it out, and then of course post about it, and steal her thunder, muhahahahah!! […]

Pumpkin Creme Brulee
Pumpkin Crème Brulee

This looks like an excellent idea for a fancy smancy holiday dessert!  I’ve never made a Creme Brulee, but I got this in my inbox the other day, and it looked pretty tasty, and not TOO complex… Ingredients: ·         1 Spice Islands Vanilla Bean ·         1-3/4 cups heavy cream ·         1 cup canned pumpkin ·         1/2 cup pure maple syrup […]

green beans wrapped in bacon
Green Bean Bacon Bundles!

These looked too delightful not to share..  From How Sweet It Is : Bacon! How can a day with bacon be… blah?! Weeks ago, a lovely reader named Laura sent me this recipe. Hi Laura! For some odd reason… she thought this had my name all over it. I have no idea why. Bacon. Butter. […]

baked-zucchini-tots from skinnytaste (seen at
Yum! Baked Zucchini Tots!

These look like a great idea (at @skinnytaste via @nikimaki)… a kid friendly sidedish featuring zucchini! Go get the recipe at SkinnyTaste. From the original site: Getting your family to eat their veggies can often be difficult. Well these kid-friendly zucchini tots are the perfect solution! Make them in mini muffin tins for the perfect […]

how to make shrimp and cucumber sushi (maki)
Summer Shrimp Sushi

If you’ve never tried to make sushi rolls (maki) before, it’s a fun thing to try… especially if you have a little helper like I did.    It makes a great appetizer or first course for a dinner party–or add a salad or some steamed edamame, and I’d eat it for dinner by itself! It also […]

Lunchmeat 'sushi roll' wraps at
Back to School Lunch: “Sushi” Sandwich Wraps

My 7 year old is a big fan of sushi… and generally he is not going to get it for school lunches, he’s not a cheap date as it is!  And I’ve seen all kinds of cute bento boxes and other clever lunches out there, but most of those seem way to much effort for […]

powdered peanut butter is a great 'cheat' for quicky peanut sauce.
Stuff to buy: Powdered Peanut Butter makes easy, tasty Asian

Here at Foodwhirl HQ, we occasionally get products to review, and one of the ones I received ages ago was Just Great Stuff Organic Powdered Peanut Butter.  I kept meaning to try it in a smoothy or something, but I’m just not really a smoothy kind of girl.  And I kinda forgot I had it.  I mean […]

12 Unusual and Tasty Almond Butter Recipes

Yesterday we talked about how to make your own Almond Butter, and some really cool variations on the standard nut butter. Today we’re brainstorming on some great recipes to make with your almond butter!  Here are 12 clever or unusual almond butter recipes, from around the web.  And remember, you can generally substitute almond butter […]

How to make Homemade Almond Butter (Recipes & Variations)

Making your own nut butters is really so fun and easy, I don’t know why I ever buy the storebought stuff.  Make your own, then you can eat it, and use it in other recipes!  And there are tons of ways to mix it up, too… read on. Here’s a recipe from Chockohlawtay on how to make your […]

Mini Burgers with Spicy Potato Patties

Love this idea for vegetarian option for burgers… a spicy potato patty!   And the ingredients sound divine:  potatoes, carrots, leeks, sour cream, parsley and chipotle in adobo.  Everything’s better with chipotle in adobo! From Veggie Zest: I have been meaning to make this dish, well technically for a very very long time. The entire time […]

Stuffed Cheddar Whiskey Burgers

Yummy! At Pass The Sushi (@passthesushi) Here at Foodwhirl we love stuffing burgers.  It’s a great way to mix up your normal cookout, and make it a bit more special.  You can even customize the stuffings based on your guests preferences. So we loved finding this tasty combo which includes whiskey, cheddar cheese, and garlic […]

Cute chicken salad stuffed tomatoes (and other things stuffed)

Love the attitude at Yammie’s Noshery @yammiesnoshery Quote: Guys, you just have to trust your feelings sometimes. You know, like a jedi. So add as much celery as you want. Cook the chicken any way you desire. Forget the tomato cups and have it on a croissant. Or try using roma tomatoes and just halving […]

Constellation cookies

LOVE these from Bake at 350 [@bakeat350tweets].  A really nice detailed tutorial on how to decorate them too. Go check it out!

Southwest Omelet Cups

This looks like a great idea from @perrysplate . Customizable omelet cups, perfect for feeding the kiddos! These are also great low carb quick morning meal options as well. From the original site: These omelet cups were a favorite of ours. I’ve made them a few times and found they really energized the tired granola/oatmeal/pancake […]

Gluten Free Smores Cookie Bars

These cookie bars by @theurbanbaker would be perfect for summer. I love S’mores but they are a pain to make. These would give you that S’more taste anytime you wanted it! From the original site: Failure can sometimes be okay. With my most recent experience with failure, a failed batch of gluten free graham crackers […]

Awesome (Faux) Asparagus Cake

Totally loving Megacrafty‘s take on an Asparagus Cake! She followed the tutorial at Sweetapolita to get the technique down, and then added her own tweaks to make it her own. From the original site: When you live near a town that grows world-renouned asparagus and you see a tutorial for an asparagus cake, you file it […]

Mint Julep Cookies

Over at Shrimp Salad Circus (@shrimpsalad), I somehow missed this post around Derby time, but I love the idea! Mint Julep Cookies…Wonderful shortbread cookies with a bourbon/mint glaze? What’s not to like!? Go get the recipe.

Chocolate Cranberry and Walnut Focaccia

Focaccia is a simple oven baked Italian bread, with or without numerous toppings. I have never quite made an attempt at baking one because I presumed breads like this are meant only for expert bakers! Well, I learnt that my preconceived notion about this bread is not quite true. Though, I must admit it’s a […]

How to pit cherries without a cherry pitter

A cherry pitter is one item that I don’t have, that I always wish I had that one time I want to make a pie or treat that requires fresh cherries.  But it’s (as Alton would say) a single tasker.  I spotted this via @craft magazine – a tutorial at Food52 on how to pit your cherries […]

Blackberry Compote with Gluten-Free, Vegan Crepes

These crepes look delish! And I love the idea of making your own compote. Check it out! On our recent trip to the local farmer’s market, we bought a couple crates of black berries. Juicy, sweet, bright, tart and aromatic –is exactly how these berries have been. We enjoyed a crate as soon as we […]

Gluten Free, Vegan Raspberry Almond Skillet Cake

Submitted by Sihi, who loves food, photography, and food photography! From the original site: Here’s my take on a gluten free vegan cake that is laden with fresh, juicy ripe summer raspberries and crunchy toasted almonds.

How to make a Dr. Who Dalek Cake

I can’t resist tooting my own horn, and linking you guys to a tutorial I wrote up over at my craft blog,  Since it’s actually food related, I figured you guys would like to see it here.  Link: Make Dalek Cake Toppers and Cake From the original site: This cake is really make in […]

Scalloped Sweet Potatoes

Have I mentioned I love my Mandoline Slicer?*  My mom got it for me for Christmas (along with a cut resistant glove like this one, as recommended by my hero Alton Brown), and my husband jokes that I’ll come up with any excuse to cut things thin.  Well, so I had a mandoline, and some sweet potatoes, […]

Onion & Feta Quiche

Check out this tasty looking savory quiche from @madalinaa at Duhlicious.. The amount of caramelized onions makes me swoon :) Go get the recipe.