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Architect by Qualification. Design Communications Consultant by Profession. Baker/Cook, purely by chance. Absolute Serendipity.
Mango Mousse

We had a stash of wonderful alphonso mangoes, which I utilized quite aptly, if I may say so- in the form of a mango mousse. Alphonso mangoes come from the western India belt, and are known for their pulpy nature and a dark yellow colour. I have come to learn over many years, that the […]

Egg Salad Open Sandwiches

Coming back to the post, to celebrate Easter Style, I made Egg Salad Open Sandwiches. I had read this post by David Lebovitz a couple of months ago, and there was something so classic about this simple post- that it had been playing in my mind. I was travelling then, and didn’t get an opportunity, […]

Spaghetti with Bacon and wine + Italiano Grilled Peppers

One of my all-time favorite dishes has been the Penne with Bacon at one of Delhi’s first few Truly Italian restaurants- The Big Chill. Not only does the place hold a lot of special memories for anyone who has been in the age group of 18-26, during that time, but till date, it serves some […]

Gajar ki Kheer/ Indian Rice Pudding with carrots

Traditional kheer has its origins in India and is made with milk and rice. Owing to India’s multi-regional nature, different versions of kheer are available in various parts of the country; Payassam in south India (made with jiggery and coconut milk) and in Bengal (with vermicelli and jiggery). This gajar ki kheer, I assume, and […]

Strawberry Cream Cheese Tarts

Wonderful tarts- Perfect for Party Dessert. Tarts are perfect for dessert, as everyone can pick up their own mini-helping and they look pretty and delightful. Also, i personally feel- as someone baking tarts, I would love to serve an assortment with varied fillings. For some reason- they seem healthier too, maybe because of their fruity […]