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A working mother who keen on cooking, baking, gardening, sewing, running, swimming, triathlon.
Yogurt Pineapple Bread

This bread is Yogurt Pineapple loaf bread, originated from Hong Kong signature Pineapple buns with a layer of sweet butter dough on top as bread topping. However there is no pineapple in the ingredients. Pineapple was used in the name because the layer of sweet butter dough cooked to golden brown resembled the pineapple skin. […]


Summer is best time for picnic right? What are the food to prepare? Let’s BBQ! Other than meat what about seafood? If you find bargain on Mussels then do try this simple recipe, I bet you’ll love it! This is Kiwi way of BBQ :-) Get the Recipe: BBQ HOTPLATE MUSSELS WITH ONION AND GARLIC

Fish Fillets with Ginger and Onion

Thinking to get fishy tonight? Chinese takeaway Seafood dinner? Try this, however try not to use fillets with soft and flaky texture which easily breaks when you stir-fry them, I used Lemon fish fillets for this recipe. Get the Recipe: Fish Fillets with Ginger and Onion

Milky Cinnamon Rolls

This milky cinnamon rolls recipe was another Tangzhong recipe I adapted from famous Taiwan baker 陈郁芬, 65度C汤种面包 . After a few successful batches of bread making using Tangzhong starter with outstanding result, I was encouraged to try more. Get the Recipe: Milky Cinnamon Rolls From the original site: Ming Ray was the first to taste […]

Wholemeal Toast Bread

After learning bread making using Tangzhong (water roux starter) method, seeing the result of having flavorsome, soft and spongy bread texture, it motivated me to try on Wholemeal Bread too. Get the Recipe: Wholemeal Toast Bread

Crispy roasted pork belly

Do you wish to enjoy restaurant standard Hong Kong style roasted pork? If yes, this is a very simple homemade recipe that made the same cripsy roasted pork saving you from patron expensive HK restaurant. Get the Recipe: Crispy roasted pork belly

Butter Cheese Buns

Butter and cheese always seem to be best ingredient combination not only in cake making and bread making too. This is hand knead version of bread making. Get the Recipe: Butter Cheese Buns