Congrats to our Winner! (and recipes recommendations!)

It’s Noelle, from An Opera Singer in the Kitchen!

Noelle said:

I would totally make the Strawberry Shortcakes, but of course I would have to veganize it! Thanks for the nice giveaway!

She wins the $80 Gift Certificate… Noelle, I’ll be sending you an email with the details.– and we totally want to you to share your veganized version f the the strawberry shortcake with us!

Want some other recommendations from your fellow Foodwhirl Readers?

Valerie said: My favorite was the waffled french toast. I make it often…It is so good!!

Nicole Maki said: The Scarborough Fair Potatoes were absolutely delicious.

Both Damon and Clay Elrod voted for the Overnight Pork Roast . “I cooked… I slept… It was fantastic! Thanks foodwhirl! You done done it again!”

Claudia said: Roasted Kale rocks! I love kale, but had never cooked it this way. Yummy

pam voted for the Summer Salad and the Chicken Spinach and Rice Burritos! “Now that we are getting fresh, beautiful beet greens, i am thinking of substituting them for the spinach – sauteed first of course in bacon and onion!”

Cathy Loves the Butternut Squash Lasagna & Jill loved Mexican week!

Jeanine thinks waffled Monte Cristo sammiches are genius, and gives us a fabulous french toast idea: “For my French toast batter, I puree a really ripe banana, plus whatever other fruit I have on hand (canned mango or papaya, fresh or canned peaches, fresh orange), some vanilla extract, and either plain cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, whatever strikes my fancy. Add that stuff to the eggs, milk, and a bit of sugar, blend it up, and BAM! It’s the most fabulous, fruitiest French toast EVER!”

Carissa used the taco lasagna idea to create her own recipe of tater tot taco casserole!

Clarisssssa said: I loved the post on the Italian meatballs

Joe said: Love the 70’s food. Want to make the hamburger hot dog in a bun.

Several readers got some good ideas…

Thanks for reading Foodwhirl!

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