Update: Is Foodwhirl Looking For You!?

Several people have asked “what’s the deadline, since you’re asking for a sample post and I haven’t had time to make one up yet!?”.  No worries.  Just drop me an email asap letting me know you’re interested, and I’ll send you the additional info.  Then you can get us the sample post after you have time to create it!  I’d like to have all the ‘applications’* by 4/15, so the team can look at them and narrow down the final choices.  (*No, it’s not really that formal a process, I promise!)

Foodwhirl is looking for a new contributor to be part of our main team!  If you think you might be interested, drop us a line at admin@foodwhirl.com, and I’ll get you some additional details about what we’re looking for, and what kind of commitment is involved.  Please include the following:

– A little about yourself, including where you live and who you cook for (family type).   We are looking for a good mix of people!
– A little about your food philosophy, what you enjoy cooking, and what inspires you.  We want people who are passionate about food!
– One or two sample posts to consider as representative of the type of posts you’d be doing on Foodwhirl (If you have a current blog, you can send links to already existing content, or you can send us a sample post via email.) *Doesn’t have to be sent in the initial email.
– A link to your blog (food related or not), if applicable.

… and if you know someone else who might be a good fit for our team, please pass this along!

(Those who follow our Twitter feed got this announcement a few days ago… wanna be the first to hear stuff?  Follow us!)

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