New: “Contribute a Recipe” to Foodwhirl…

Spring is here and we’ve been doing a little spring cleaning on Foodwhirl. Along with some sprucing up of the main page and the menus, we also have a new Contribute a Recipe feature!

Contribute a Recipe:

So this is the official announcement…   If you’ve been following on facebook/twitter you may have seen my calls for people to help us test out this new functionality. Thanks to all who helped! You can now easily contribute recipe links–and even full recipes–to Foodwhirl. Just go to to the Contribute page!

Thanks to these lovely bloggers for being our ‘beta testers’… go check ’em out!

(I hope I didn’t miss anyone!!)

And some of the recipes they shared with us (some are still to come..):

Guinness Spice Cake
Frozen Crescent Rolls
homemade zucchini bread
Easiest Weeknight Skillet Shrimp
Baked Brie
Sky High Cookie Pie
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