Take 2: NEW new forms for submitting a recipe to Foodwhirl!

So, we had a few small issues with the forms I announced yesterday. Hopefully they are all fixed now–apparently 2 forms on the same page was causing problems. So if you submitted a recipe yesterday, I’m really sorry, but you’ll need to resubmit it. And now we have new and better forms! And, lucky for you, the queue is pretty empty right now since we’ve disallowed submissions for the last week, so now’s the time to get your stuff in!

A couple of things to note as far as submitting a new recipe, or submitting a link to a recipe on your own site: The new forms are pretty freeform, so you’ll create the recipe post just like you would on your own website. Unlike the old process, you upload the photo as part of your post, not separately. If you have any problems, be sure to let me know. Also, at least for right now I’ve disabled Guest posting – you need to log on first. If you don’t have a logon, just register for one on the submission page, and you can then do your post. (This way I can let you know if something goes wrong, and you’ll be able to see if your new recipe is in the moderation queue.) Finally, I haven’t built back any fancy email notification features yet, so you’ll notice you don’t get the same emails.

To contribute a new recipe to Foodwhirl:
Be sure to include some introductory text, and all the necessary ingredients and instructions, as well as AT LEAST ONE photo.

To submit a link to a recipe on your own site (or someone elses!) that we should check out:
Be sure to include some introductory text telling us why you are sharing the recipe, and a photo.

For both of these, as I mentioned, you’ll need to include a photo in with your text. In case you need a little help with that, here are some additional instructions.

Finally, you may want to update/create your Profile so you can tell everyone a little about yourself, and/or link back to your own site. This should work just as before, but I thought I’d remind you!

Happy Posting!

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