Thanks Everyone!

We hope you’re enjoying the site!  It’s been a little over a month now and the feedback has been great… We’ve implement some of your suggestions to make the site more usable (there’s a drop-down on the main menu bar now, so you can find our sub-categories). There are still some features we’re working on, based on your feedback, but you’ll have to stay tuned for those!

By the way, a big thank you to all of you for your comments on the recipes.  I know all our bloggers appreciate the feedback (especially the ‘I made this recipe and it’s awesome!’ type feedback, hehe.  )

I also wanted to remind everyone about the Facebook page.  We do regular ‘What’s for Dinner’ questions there, where you can share what you’re planning for dinner that night, and we have some links you won’t find on the main site.  It’s also a great place for you to post links to recipes *you* like, or ones you’ve created.. We love that, and we may feature some of the links on the main site, too!  So if you’re a Facebooker, go be a Fan! We’ve got about 150 so far, and we’d love to see YOU there :)

(and we also have a twitter feed, too!)

Some of you have ask how you can help the site, or participate more.  Well, we have more coming on that… like some food challenges and such… but right now, just keep doing what you’re doing.  Stop by Facebook and say hi, and keep telling your friends (or blog readers, or facebook friends, or your grandma!) about the site.  There’s no big company with a marketing budget behind this, so we rely on all the free advertising we can get!   You can get a nifty link button if you’d like one. We also love it when you let us know about great sites.


Chica & Jo did a very nice Feature Friday on Foodwhirl.. check it out.  (They also provided us a great guest recipe!  Garlic Pie…) A big thanks, guys!

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