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Creepy Halloween Food Roundup

Into interesting Halloween Food?  Check out Superpunch’s awesome roundup of spooky Halloween eats! (Several of my own creations are in the list, so keep an eye out for them!) Here’s a few photos from the Roundup to whet your appetite, but head on over to read the whole thing and get the info on making […]

Ancho Swordfish with Ginger-Sweet Potato Mash

Check out this gorgeous dinner from the lovely Janelle at Talk of Tomatoes!  This truly looks like something you’d pay a fortune for at the fancy foodie restaurant of your choice.  So how about treating yourself and making it at home?  A romantic dinner, perhaps? Janelle writes… “I started thumbing through some of those cookbooks […]

Lamb Tacos - Manhattan Food Project
I love tacos! Interesting taco ideas…

Tacos are a great go-to dinner idea, that can either be fancy and exotic, or simple and homey.  Here are a few unusual taco ideas that I thought might give you some inspiration!  We’ve done some fun taco ideas here on Foodwhirl too.. like Corn Beef and Cabbage Tacos and Shrimp and Fish Fajita Tacos..  […]

raspberry peach whole grain muffins
Raspberry Peach Whole Grain Muffins

Our spotlight today shines on Steph of Steph Chows… She made these delectable looking Raspberry Peach Whole Grain Muffins on the fly, with no recipe… Bravo!  They do look yummy AND healthy. But in case YOU need a recipe, you can get hers: Farm Fresh Muffins Thanks for sharing this with us, Steph!

Salmon Pattie Over Spinach Salad
5 Quick and Versatile Back to School Dinner Ideas

The kids are back in school, and with that comes soccer practice, play dates, homework, and countless other things that get in the way of a  relaxed dinnertime routine.   If you’re like us, you need some quick dinner ideas which can be pulled together quickly, and get everyone fed in a somewhat healthy manner, that […]

Geeky Food Love – Clone Trooper Pops!

I’ll be down at Dragon-con here in Atlanta this weekend, so I figured you guys might something appropriately geeky this weekend.  My Clone Trooper Pops won First Prize in the Instructables Stuff on a Stick contest!  Sweet! Here’s the link on how to make them yourself :) Make Clone Trooper and Storm Trooper candy pops, […]

Back To School!

It’s getting to be that time!  We’ll have recipes and lunch and dinner ideas for Back to School, coming up! We’re also looking for some contributors with Back to School ideas… if you’re interested, just let us know! Here’s the first in the series : Ideas for packing a healthy Kids Lunch “Back to School” […]

Ideas for packing a healthy Kids Lunch

This month were going to be talking about feeding the kids, especially for Back To School.  Our school starts very early (it started this week!) and we have a new kindergartner, so this is a topic that I’ve been thinking about a great deal… So first off, here are some collected ideas that may help […]

Cool-off Cocktail Idea Roundup

Here’s a photo roundup of some tasty looking cocktails to cool you off in the heat of the summer… Click through the links below for recipes and/or ingredients 1. The Thai Boxer, 2. lemongrass cooler, 3. Watermelon and Rose Sangria, 4. Chocolate orange martini’s, 5. Bourbon Mint Tea, 6. Kermit Cocktails Originally published at […]

Lunchbox ideas: Calling all Moms (and Dads!)

Summer is drawing to a close soon, and that means school will be starting!  For August, Foodwhirl is looking for clever ideas for lunches to pack for school, and we know our readers have some… Do you have a great tip lunches that stay good in a lunchbox, or how to plan ahead for lunches […]

Quick Fix: Mixed-Mushroom Salad

Sometimes you need a meal you can pull together out of just what happens to be in your cabinets. This is one of those meals… The other day I found several jars of marinated mushrooms, at the Dollar Store of all places. I picked up several different kinds… the one here was a mix of […]

Overlapping Meals with Noodles, Shrimp and more!

More in this series: Really GOOD Tofu, I swear! | Shrimp and Asparagus Noodle Salad |  Tasty Tofu Pad Thai | Summer Shrimp Sushi Don’t ya just hate it when trying out new recipes, and you need to go buy special ingredients, that aren’t used in your normal recipe repertoire… ?  So you use just […]

July 4th Quick Link Roundup!

Just checking in quickly to pass on a few more Fourth of July linky good ideas… Dessert and Drink ideas for the 4th of July from An Opera Singer in the Kitchen Creative July 4th Party Ideas at Tip Junkie A Frozen Trio of Red, White, and Blue (sort of) at Perry’s Plate Recipe: Coconut […]

Happy 4th! – Holiday Food ideas…

I have several really tasty dishes from my cooking experiments this week (all around tofu, and noodles, and pad thai, and sushi) , but I haven’t had time to write them up–I love how busy summer is.. oh well!  So since I figured you guys might miss me, here’s a few Holiday Food ideas from […]

Refreshing Cocktails on Foodwhirl…

Looking for something to sip on tonight?  Here are a few cocktails, blasting in from the past!  Do you have a favorite cocktail?  Share it with us in the comments! Bacon! Candied Bacon Martini Feed your bacon obsession!  This cocktail features apple flavors and a candied bacon garnish… . Spotlight: Cool as a Cucumber Cocktail! […]

How to Cook Fava Beans

I must confess, I don’t know that I’ve ever had fava beans…My first though when I hear the phrase tends to also go to “a nice chianti”!  I’m pretty sure they aren’t common here in the South, but I’m inspired to go look for them after watching Diane’s videoblog: CraftyPod Video Blog #5: Let’s Cook […]

Food for thought….

I subscribe to all manner of blogs, both through my feed reader and through Facebook. Today I got a message on my Facebook wall for the Super Healthy Kids Blog featuring an article about 10-cent breakfast. Obviously, I couldn’t pass it up! In the article, the blogger discusses her struggles with staying within her monthly […]

Cooling off for the Summer

I hope everyone is gearing up for a lovely Weekend!  Here in Atlanta it’s going to be beautiful, but HOT… So, here are some ideas for cooling off! (Oh, quick message: Giving away 500 free business cards on Dabbled today – pop over here to enter!) Thirsty?  Make a Cucumber Gimlet at Crumpets and Cakes! […]

Basil Chicken (Gai Pad Krapow)

I’ve been on a kick of Asian inspired food lately (like this Easy Pad Thai!) and this one looks like an excellent choice… A simple Thai meal! Basil Chicken (Gai Pad Krapow) at No Recipes. Thai Basil Chicken is one of those dishes that fits squarely in the category of best-bang-for-your-buck. Not only is it […]

Summer Inspirations!

Summer’s here and it’s Hot! Here are a few dishes from around the web to get you thinking of something different for summer fun… Summer always inspires me to go mexican… and here’s a tasty looking appetizer! This Crab and Shrimp Campechana from Pink Parsley is right up MY alley! It’s basically a seafood salsa, […]

Congrats to our Winner! (and recipes recommendations!)

It’s Noelle, from An Opera Singer in the Kitchen! Noelle said: I would totally make the Strawberry Shortcakes, but of course I would have to veganize it! Thanks for the nice giveaway! She wins the $80 Gift Certificate… Noelle, I’ll be sending you an email with the details.– and we totally want to you to […]

Last Day for reader appreciation prize!

…and recipe recap for the last week. Foodwhirl loves our readers…Win an $80 Gift Certificate! We really appreciate you guys reading Foodwhirl… It’s why we do what we do! So when we had an opportunity to give away an $80 gift certificate to CSN Stores, we figured this would be a great opportunity to thank […]

1971 Cookbook: Special Day Dinner

Reader Appreciation Contest ends Monday! Go comment to enter! Another entry from our classic 1970’s cookbook!   According to the cookbook this is the menu for a Special Day Dinner (where you’ll be feeding 2 dozen people!).  On the menu?  Eggs en Gelée, Standing Rib Roast Supreme, Crisp Potato Tree, Romaine-Red Onion Salad, Pumpkin Mousse, […]

Foodwhirl loves our readers…Win an $80 Gift Certificate!

We really appreciate you guys reading Foodwhirl… It’s why we do what we do! So when we had an opportunity to give away an $80 gift certificate to CSN Stores, we figured this would be a great opportunity to thank you for reading… Anyway, to win the prize, we figured we’d keep it simple.  Just […]

food photos from the foodwhirl flickr group
Link Roundup: Yummies from Foodwhirl Readers

Seen in the Foodwhirl Flickr Group … thanks for sharing! Links to original photos (and recipes where applicable) are below the mosaic.. 1. vegetable, rice and chickpea stuffed bell peppers Blogged here 2. Double Cheese Marbled Brownies, visit the blog here 3. parmesan roasted asparagus, Blogged: parmesan roasted asparagus 4. Besos (Kisses) A Mexican Sweet […]