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Interview: Debbie Does Cakes - Cake Decorating Diva
Foodwhirl Interview: Debbie Does Cakes!

Welcome to Foodwhirl’s very first Interview!  As long as I’ve been blogging about food, both here at Foodwhirl and at my personal blog, Dabbled, I’ve been running across some incredibly decorated cakes.  And one name that kept appearing every time I’d look for interesting cakes to feature, was Debbie Goard of Debbie Does Cakes!  Debbie […]

1971 Cookbook: Frank-And-Burger Loaf?

I figured we’d start scary. This is the first recipe I’m highlighting from the A Year’s Worth of Dinners (1971) book. It’s called a Frank-and-Burger Loaf. “Frankly”, one thing I’ve noticed about the 1970’s from this book is that they apparently loved their hot dogs (and liver, and tongue, and gelatin, but that’s another post!). […]

Exploring the Past – A Year’s Worth of Dinners (1971!)

At the ice cream shop down the street from our house, the walls are lined with books.  For a mere 50 cents, you can take one home with you.  Well, the other night I couldn’t resist leaving with this one.  Its name?  “Menus For a Whole Year of Dinners”  – and it’s from Good Housekeeping […]

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It’s Cinco de Mayo, and you just aren’t doing your job if you’re not kickin back this afternoon with a good margarita!  (Here’s several recipes if you need some inspiration!).  Want to throw an impromptu Fiesta?  Here are some Cinco de Mayo party ideas from my other blog, Dabbled. Yeah, Cinco de Mayo is more […]

What do you do when life gets in the way of good food?

Life has been pretty hectic these days. On top of hubby’s two jobs, my part-time job and our two little ones, we’ve decided to move. Which means packing. And cleaning. And getting our house ready to go on the market. And working. And cleaning some more. So where, in the midst of all that, do […]

Homemade Eclairs

I giggled reading the tales of homemade eclairs over at Made by Nichole.    (I was over there looking at her clever crafting ideas for a post on Dabbled, and found this recipe, so I thought it would be a good one to share on Foodwhirl.) We made thick sweetened whip cream in a blender ( […]

Recently on Foodwhirl!

It’s been a busy week for me, and I know I missed a few good recipes… So in case you did too, here’s what’s been happening recently on Foodwhirl! Recipe Roundup Baked Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese I love butternut squash. I make risotto with it, add it to beef stew, or often simply bake […]

Easter Brunch: How about a Quiche?

Here are a few ideas! Mini Veggie Quiches at Christina EATS Quiche Lorraine Scones at Good Life Eats Pear and Camembert Quiche at The Creative Pot Ham, Asparagus, and Gruyère Quiche at My Kitchen Addiction Or this one, a Rosti Quiche… I love the idea of using potatoes… “Rosti” Quiche! When my kids were little, […]

Update: Is Foodwhirl Looking For You!?

Several people have asked “what’s the deadline, since you’re asking for a sample post and I haven’t had time to make one up yet!?”.  No worries.  Just drop me an email asap letting me know you’re interested, and I’ll send you the additional info.  Then you can get us the sample post after you have […]

Easy Easter Cupcakes – Cupcake Collars!

Yesterday we showcased some really cute Easter Cupcake ideas.  “But Dot,” you say.  “I’m too busy with everything else I have going on to decorate fancy cupcakes!”  Yeah, I certainly know the feeling, but you still want cute cupcakes for the young’uns after the easter egg hunt, right?–or your kid insists on ‘fancy’ cupcakes to […]

Easter Cupcake Inspirations

We’ve scoured to find some cute ideas for Easter Cupcakes…  From easy to complex, check out these cute bunnies, chicks, eggs, and more Easter Related  themes.  (Are you on flickr?  Add your foodie photos to the Foodwhirl Flickr group!) (Links are below the large mosaic photo) 1. Bunny Cupcakes, 2. Easter Bunny Cupcakes, 3. […]

Recently on Foodwhirl…

Recent Recipes at Foodwhirl… Waffleizer: French Toast Waffles & Waffled Soft Pretzels Every time I check out Waffleizer (the blog dedicated to answering the question of Will It Waffle?) I giggle a little bit. And that’s a good thing in this world of so many oh so serious food blogs. Go check it out. I […]

Thanks Everyone!

We hope you’re enjoying the site!  It’s been a little over a month now and the feedback has been great… We’ve implement some of your suggestions to make the site more usable (there’s a drop-down on the main menu bar now, so you can find our sub-categories). There are still some features we’re working on, […]

Easter is Coming.. What are you cooking?

Foodwhirl is getting ready for Easter & Spring, and would love your ideas and recipe submissions! Do you make your own chocolate bunnies?  Have a fabulous dish for Easter Dinner?  Have the perfect thing to do with leftover boiled eggs? If it’s Easter or Spring related, we want to know about it…! Contact Us!

More St. Paddy’s Sweets…

We’ve been having fun with St. Patrick’s Day sweets here on foodwhirl… Don’t miss our Irish Car Bomb Icecream & Irish Car Bomb Bread Pudding.. (hmm, I’m sensing a theme here). But here are a few more we’ve found on the web that we think are nifty and green! Make Green Velvet cupcakes and cakeballs […]

St. Patrick’s Day Foodwhirl Roundup

Everyone’s Irish on March 17, right?  Are you being traditional and making corned beef, or coloring your cupcakes green?  Or just enjoying a nice irish stout? I’m not remotely Irish, but it’s fun to pretend once a year! Here’s some of the cool Irish/St Pat’s recipes that we’ve had thus far at Foodwhirl! (Check out […]

Bacon cups from Not Martha
Bacon Week Link Roundup

As Bacon Week nears it’s end, here are some additional bacon related eats you might enjoy! Some sound tasty, some sound clever, and some are just weird… I’ve always wanted to try these: Bacon cups by not martha Interesting…Bacon Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake at Serious Eats These bacon wrapped jalopenos from the Pioneer Woman Cooks […]

Homemade cheese and carrot crackers
Foodwhirl on Tastespotting and Foodgawker

We’ve only been around for a few weeks, but we’ve had several of our recipes on and… Click the images below to see our galleries at both sites!

Bacon - flickr user sixybeast/sam
Welcome to Bacon Week At Foodwhirl!

Welcome to our first theme week at Foodwhirl! To celebrate our 1 month anniversary on Wednesday, we’re going all out with Bacon! Don’t worry, we’ll still have our regular food, but our spotlights will be around interesting bacon dishes, and some of our regular posts will feature bacon as well… So, vegetarians look away (look! […]

Bacon - flickr user sixybeast/sam
Bacon is Coming!

If you just saw that post on a neat Bacon treat, sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not supposed to run til next week!  So I guess I’ll go ahead and announce we’ll be spotlighting BACON next week… so if you have or have seen cool bacon related recipes, pass ’em along so we can […]

Spotlight – How to Make Paper Food Baskets

So this isn’t technically a recipe, but what a fabulously useful food related idea!  Zakka Life shares her tutorial and a template on how to make these lovely baskets, from colorful cardstock…  These would be fabulous for sandwiches or chips at a picnic… or at a party!  What would you do with them? The other […]

St. Patty’s Ideas – Corned Beef & Cabbage Tacos

Now that March is here, time to start thinking Green! Well, St. Patrick’s Day food anyway… and what screams St. Patty’s more than corned beef and cabbage. Twitter reader @somethingextra send us this unusual twist… Corned beef & cabbage, in taco form! (Follow Foodwhirl on Twitter!) Mix up your cultures and try it… sounds like […]

We’re having a Fiesta! Foodwhirl’s Gone Mexican…

Maybe it’s the weather, but this week at Foodwhirl has been all about Mexican inspired dishes, that make you want to prop your feet up on the deck with a Margarita… In case you missed any of it (we know, it’s hard to keep up with everything!) here’s a roundup of some of our mexican […]

Seen on the Foodwhirl Flickr Group

Our new flickr group has some great stuff in it (but not enough of you guys yet..come join us and ad your food pics if you’re on flickr!)  .. Here are some of the yummy things spotted there…  Links back to the original pics are under the big pic below. 1. avocado lime cornmeal poundcake, […]

Blogging: Clever Cakes!

Sometimes I just like to browse flickr for interesting inspirations… Here’s a roundup of some very cool cakes!  A few of these are from professionals, but many are homemade…  See below the big pic from links back to the original photos.  And hey, remember to add your cool food photos to the new Foodwhirl Flickr […]