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Black Sesame Macarons with Cherry Chocolate Ganache

Black Sesame Macarons with Cherry Chocolate Ganache … inspired baking From the original site: Inspiration comes in strange ways. I’m racing with the wind, time is no longer my friend, the hands of the clock whiz by at a dizzy pace … and the pressure of baking macarons for our baby, MacTweets appears to be […]

Baklava Rolls

This time Daring Baker’s are challenged to make Baklava with their own home made phyllo sheets, that’s quite challenging isn’t. As we know Baklava is purely a Mediterranean delight made with layers of phyllo pastry and assortment of nuts, soaked in cinnamon honey syrup. I tweaked the recipe a bit and made an Indianized filling […]

Moroccan Harira

Harira is a Moroccan soup served during Ramadhan and any special occasions. It can be served as a meal by itself or you can also serve it as a starter. Moroccan Cuisine is extremely diverse, mostly influenced by Arab and Mediterranean cuisine. When I think of Moroccan Cuisine the first thing which comes to my […]

Nongu Paal (Palm Fruit Drink)

Nongu is nothing but palm fruit which is something similar to jelly like consistency. The abundant water content in the fruit soothes and cools your body. This is found mostly dry dessert areas. You can read more about palm fruit from here Special Instructions: Preparation Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes( Chilling time […]

Orange Ricotta Cake

Among all the cheese, Ricotta cheese is the one I love the best especially when it comes to sweet. I believe that ricotta cheese have some wonderful flavours, when it marries with tangy orange flavour in a cake form, it’s a bliss. You’ll definitely enjoy this with your afternoon tea. Special Instructions: Preparation Time: 10 […]

Kitchen Sink Cookies

There are times when I need a break from chocolate chip cookies. Call me crazy, OK, I’m crazy. As I’ve been looking out in cookieland this week during National Cookie Week I’ve seen a lot of great chocolate options, but I’ve decided to provide yet another no-chocolate cookie. It is chock full of tasty bits […]

Spicy Chicken Tostaditos with Creamy Cilantro Drizzle

Try this perfect appetizer for your Cinco de Mayo party…these mini tostadas are spicy and full of flavor, plus they’re simple to make! From the original site: I’m getting ready to celebrate the big 3-0, which happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo. I like to think that all the hoopla, celebration, margaritas, tequila shots, […]


I never imagined I would make my own croissants. Like all homemade cakes, breads and cookies, home croissants are also the best. The buttery smell when you bake these croissants and the flaky croissants straight from the oven to your plate is just amazing. Well this is not my first attempt in making croissants, I […]

Lemon Poppyseed Strawberry Shortcakes

A few weeks ago we had some new friends over for dinner. I needed a quick dessert I could assemble while they were over and so I came up with this idea. My favorite part about them is that they are individual sized so they are good for portion control! You can even make the […]

Poulet Vol-au-Vent

The other evening Filippo and I dined at a marvelous new restaurant in downtown Sarasota, Brasserie Belge. The evening was marvelous from start to finish; starters were champagne and lobster croquettes, main was muscles for Filippo while I chose Vol-au-Vent and we finished with a shared Dame Blanche! I got to thinking ahead to dinner […]

Happy April fool’s day – Burmese mochi

Welcome to the month of April. It is one of my favorite months. Spring is finally here and in Northern California the rain is on its way out. April also the month of the Burmese New year, which used to mean there was lots of food in our house. Some of the food we will […]

Pao de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread)

Pao de Queijo is a type of Brazilian cheese bread made using tapioca flour. They’re chewy and puffy, and perfect finger food. This Brazil recipe is really simple and will not take long at all to whip up. Once made, the batter will keep in the fridge for up to a week so if you […]

Vegetable Cutlet/ Patties

This good old cutlet recipe is not too technical to make and it also includes very simple ingredients which will be available in almost any Indian kitchen. These cutlets taste delicious just on it’s own, or served with ketchup. You can also enjoy these cutlets also as a burger with cheese melted on top. Special […]


Goulash is a very simple stew, traditionally it’s kept as simple as possible, with just meat, garlic and onion. A few vegetables like carrot, leeks and celery adds much more flavour. Don’t try to add any spices and transform this simple stew into curry( I’m saying this for people like me, who tries to add […]

Baked Oatmeal

My family always say no when it comes to Oatmeal until I discovered this recipe. I found this recipe from foodgawker and I made a few variations to the original recipe, now it’s the star of our breakfast table. Special Instructions: Preparation Time: 10 minutes, Cooking Time : 20 minutes, Serves: 4 Ingredients: Oats- 150 […]

homemade zucchini bread

A couple of months ago I went to Whole Foods in search of a little taste of home – there are some things I just downright miss about Texas. When I found out there was a Whole Foods nearby, I could almost smell the cowboy boots and dead grassy hills of Texas – I was […]