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About Sihi

Hi! I’m Sihi. I am dreamer and love food, photography and food photography. I am a complete amateur when it comes to both food and photography. I am learning , and, each day has gone by learning something new, thus far. I am not a traditional cook and can barely stay focused through a recipe. […]

About Nichi

Please welcome our newest featured contributor! -ed Growing up I was always mooching food off of my dad. Hence my nickname “Mooch”. To me there are certain foods out there that you just have to have…therefore, making them a “mandatory mooch” if someone has it. I have always had a passion for food of all […]

About KC

I am a passionate home cook with more years experience than I care to admit.  From the time I was a child making up pancake recipes with nothing more than flour and water, my favorite times, other than being with my husband and kids, are always in the kitchen. I’ve live many places; from Tacoma, […]

About Ayeesha

I  was born in India and lived there for 20 years.  After getting married I moved to UK, that’s when I first started exploring different cuisines… actually the whole of cooking world .  So after getting married, my cooking totally relied on online, television and recipe books. And now after 4 to 5 years of […]

FoodWhirl-contributor - Elise Cormier
About Élise

It’s a joy to see the FoodWhirl community sharing, cooking, and eating together in the midst of fabulous food photography! With home cooking turning into a specialized hobby, I love FoodWhirl’s practical approach to “What’s for Dinner?” and the no-nonsense dive-in attitude towards culinary experimentation. I’m excited to contribute to this lively collection with a […]

About Stephanie

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie of ::steph chows:: I love to chow and I love my husband, sometimes he worries I like chow more than I like him… wait did I write I love chow before I wrote I love him… uhoh. My blog is all about healthy eating that tastes good! There is […]

About Cecily

Hi, I’m Cecily and I’m new around here! I cook primarily for my super-picky husband and daughter and occasionally for girls’ night events and such. I’m currently a stay-at-home mom (although I rarely do) and wife. No matter how tired I am in the evenings, I always enjoy cooking dinner. My food philosophy seems to […]

About Emily

Hi, I’m Emily! I cook for myself (vegetarian, recently gluten-free) and my husband (a carnivore who is slowly learning to like vegetables) in Portland, Oregon. We’ve both learned quite a bit in the kitchen: lessons about food (he’ll eat cooked carrots only if they’re blended up in soup) and lessons about love (how to compromise; […]

About Grieg

Hi, I’m Grieg, the latest addition to the Foodwhirl team. I’m a photographer by night, and bored during the day so I have plenty of time to be creative when it comes to trying out new recipes. Ages ago I ran a Deli/Bakery for too many years to count,  so I’m into creating unique sweets. And […]

About Chica and Jo

Give a big Foodwhirl welcome to our guests, Chica & Jo! Hi, we’re Chica and Jo!  We are thirty-something women who are family-oriented and fun-loving.  We take every opportunity to live life to the fullest, and one of our favorite ways to do that is through food.  We love eating it, preparing it, and using […]

About talkoftomatoes

Ciao! I sometimes guest post for Foodwhirl, so here are a few tidbits so you know who is behind all the ‘talk.’ My blog is Talk of Tomatoes ( I have been blogging for over 4 years; I live in Seattle. I blog a lot about Italian food, go-to recipes, cooking methods, make-ahead meals and […]

About Karen

Hello, my name is Karen and I am NOT a foodie. I do however, like to eat. A lot. I like to eat a lot of food…a lot. My approach to food has its’ basis in four tenets: 1. I love to cook 2. I despise artificial ingredients of any kind. 3. I am frugal. […]

Addy- the self portrait
About Addy

I’ve always enjoyed making a mess in the kitchen.  As a small child I used to sneak into the kitchen to make “rabbit stew” (this consisted of emptying my mom’s spices into a large pot of water.  Yeah, I was a great kid.) These days I spend my time in the kitchen cobbling together “what-ever-the-heck-you’ve-got […]

About Dawn

Hey, I’m Dawn. I am a trained researcher and enjoy the science of baking. I’m also a professional crafter who specializes in recycled materials. That same theory follows me into the kitchen – I absolutely hate throwing food away. I work hard to find ways to use up that last bit of canned pumpkin or […]

About Patricia

Hi, I’m Patricia. I grew up in Georgia with a Korean mother who cooked everything from homemade biscuits and gravy to bulgogi equally well.  She rarely used recipes except when she baked a red velvet cake. I believe this is why I don’t really follow recipes (and why I love red velvet cake).  I may […]

About Rawls

Hi, I’m Rawls.  I am a yoga instructor, nutrition consultant and self-proclaimed “greenie” and I love to cook.    I’m far from being a true chef, and I don’t always follow “the rules” of cooking, but most everything I make turns out really good, if I do say so myself. I am mostly a vegetarian, though […]