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Swiss Chard & Tofu Stuffed Shells

Swiss Chard and Tofu Stuffed Shells is a dairy free option to standard stuffed shells recipes. The blended tofu offers the same consistency as a ricotta cheese mixture, and the Swiss chard is a flavorful (and colorful) addition. From the original site: The blended tofu for this dish is basically the same consistency as a […]

Mushroom Stroganoff

Mushroom Stroganoff is rich, hearty and creamy and a meat-free take on the traditional beef stroganoff dish you might know well. I think this is comfort food at its best! The perfect dish on a Meatless Monday, or a chilly evening! From the original site: If you like mushrooms, you’ll love this dish. If you’re […]

Pasta Alla Caruso

Enrico Caruso was a foodie at heart long before the word foodie ever came to be and he loved to cook and this dish was one of his favorite spaghetti recipes just as it is one of my favorite spaghetti recipes! Caruso dominated the opera scene of the day at the Metropolitan Opera house in […]

Seafood Spaghetti with Clams

Spaghetti with clams.. mmhhh, heaven! Get the Recipe: Seafood Spaghetti with Clams   From the original site: “When I make pasta, I usually add some seafoods like clamshell or squid. Sometimes, I add squid balls for extra. I think pasta mixed with seafood is a great combination for taste, I really love it!”

Angry Birds Instant Noodles

You don’t have to be a Chef to #CookForFamily. You can turned a simple instant noodle dish into a lovely one too, if you put in your heart & soul. I’m not joking, these were just instant noodles that I’d made for my family on a lazy day. Get the Recipe: Angry Birds Instant Noodles

Fettuccini with Fresh Corn Pesto and Pancetta

This is a creative take on pesto that is perfect when corn is in season. As an expat from the United States currently living in the Middle East, finding fresh, sweet corn was a treasure and this recipe was perfect for highlighting the wonderful flavor of this seasonal ingredient! From the original site: Living abroad […]

Conchigliette & Three Cheese with Lobster & Bacon

I’ve created an elegant twist to an American classic and baked it up in a portion-controlled size. Baked simply in ramekins, each one is filled with nutritious whole wheat baby shells and a delicious blend of three cheeses — gruyere, sharp white cheddar and pecorino romano cheese. And for that elegant touch, and to create […]

Macaroni Salad

Who doesn’t love Macaroni Salad? This version will be a hit at your next gathering. From the original site: I had my Husband make up some Macaroni Salad for a church pot luck, being held now every Wednesday during Lent.

Martha’s Perfect Mac and Cheese

If you are looking for an ooey, gooey, creamy and comforting dish for the whole family…you really can’t beat Martha’s Mac & Cheese. It’s like a warm cheesy blanket to keep you warm. From the original site: But, being a mother of two almost-four-year-olds, (where did the time go!?!?) one cannot maintain sanity without some […]

Fresh Beet Fettucine with Sausage and Greens

Rich rosemary-scented lamb sausage and the subtle earthiness of fresh beet fettuccine deliciously complement each other in this quick and easy pasta dish. The small amount of lamb fat that is used for sautéing the vegetables gives this simple sauce just the right amount of richness without being too heavy. Tomatoes round out the flavors […]

Paparadelle w. Creamy Camembert Champagne Sauce

There is nothing quite like Champagne and Camembert to dress up a dish and this pasta recipe is no exception. Impressive, yet quick AND easy, it will make the intended party swoon. From the original site: I don’t recall the first dish I ever prepared for my husband, but I do remember the first dish […]

Spaghetti with Bacon and wine + Italiano Grilled Peppers

One of my all-time favorite dishes has been the Penne with Bacon at one of Delhi’s first few Truly Italian restaurants- The Big Chill. Not only does the place hold a lot of special memories for anyone who has been in the age group of 18-26, during that time, but till date, it serves some […]

Lemon Chicken Risotto

Fabulous Risotto Recipe, Cant go wrong! From the original site: isottos are considered to be complicated; because it’s very easy to overcook or under cook. Also, the time taken to cook it, is considerably more than an average meal, since it included just standing and watching, refilling with stock and then waiting again for it […]

Vegan Lasagna Recipe

I’ve been dairy free for over 20 years now and the tofu mixture in this recipe is the base for my df lasagna, stuffed shells, and baked ziti. If you are DF and not vegan you can easily add meat sauce or meatballs to this dish. I am gluten free as well and use gluten […]

Eggplant Parmesan with Meat Sauce

Taste of crispy eggplants and cheese with the tartness of the tomato blended perfectly. From the original site: I’ve never cooked Eggplant Parmesan before but I love eggplants, tomato sauce, and pasta, and her pictures made me super hungry. However, I had one problem: my husband wants meat (or any kind of seafood) with all […]

Dairy Free (& Gluten Free) Fettuccine Alfredo

This dairy free alfredo sauce recipe is thick and bubbly in no time. Adding shrimp and asparagus promotes fettuccine alfredo from a side dish to a main course! The base recipe can be used to make it as a vegan side dish or the dairy free sauce can be used as a base for chicken […]

Truly Tender Meatballs in Rich Tomato Sauce

True to its title,these are truly tender meatballs in a rich tomato sauce.Ricotta makes the meatballs tender and delicious. From the original site: I knew I had to make this without wasting another day … the tiresome teen had been begging me to make some for ages. Heed Jennifers advice … do it now!

Zaru Soba (Cold Soba Noodles)

Zaru Soba – Japanese buckwheat noodle dipped in dashi soy sauce. From the original site: Summer in Japan can be really hot and humid, and Zaru Soba was one of my favorite lunch menu when I was growing up. As you see in the picture, cold soba noodles are typically served in zaru, which means […]

Spinach Cheese Pasta

Pasta in a healthy green spinach sauce. From the original site: I love spinach no less than Popeye and cook it in a variety of ways. You’ve read some of my Indian recipes with spinach so far; now presenting a healthy pasta sauce with spinach as its prime ingredient. This dish should make spinach-haters too […]

“Japanese style” Spaghetti Meat Sauce

Make spaghetti meat sauce recipe from scratch. It takes some effort but the taste is way better than sauce from a jar. From the original site: Japanese style Spaghetti Meat Sauce was my favorite food since childhood and I always “had to” order it whenever we went to Western-style restaurant in Japan. I would even […]

Tomato Free Pasta Sauce

A great tasting tomato free substitute for marinara sauce or any other tomato based sauce. It’s got the color and texture of tomato sauce and if you season it well you can’t tell the difference. From the original site: You could also easily adapt this recipe to make a tomato-free Marinara style sauce (use only […]

Japanese Tuna and Mushroom Pasta

Japanese style spaghetti pasta prepared with tuna and 3 different kinds of Japanese mushrooms. Garnished with sliced Nori and Shiso. From the original site: What is Japanese pasta?? You might ask. Yes, not Ramen, no Udon, not Soba, but pasta. Japanese pasta is simply Italian pasta prepared with Japanese ingredients and flavors.   

Cooking with Kids: Ricotta Bake

I love meal ideas that let the kids be involved in the process.  This Ricotta Bake by Just Jenn looks tasty and simple to put together. Jenn Says: This is one of my favorite meals. Why? Because I have the kids do most of the work. If your kids are old enough (and you have […]

Asian Peanut Chicken with Noodles, Edamame, Zucchini
Quick & Easy: Peanut Chicken Noodles

Sooo… It started when I asked my son “What do you want for dinner tonight?”.  Immediate answer: “Macaroni & Cheese”  Translation: Bright orange and from a box of course. Confession: I do have a weakness for the boxed Mac & Cheese, and I do make it better than anyone*, but…. it’s not exactly a healthy […]