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paneer pepper masala

Paneer pepper masala is a vegetarian dish that is made from paneer, pepper, and onions.

Meal maker curry

Meal maker curry / soya chunks gravy is an indian gravy made of meal maker(soya nuggets) a meat substitute.

Chettinad masala kuzhambu

Chettinad masala kuzhambu is one of my favorites from childhood. I love to have it with hot rice, idli dosa or with chapathi.

Surmai king fish fry

Surmai fry is a popular crisp shallow fried king fish recipe made with spices and herbs on a tawa or pan.

Chilli chicken gravy recipe

Chilli chicken gravy is a popular Indian Chinese cuisines side dish for noodles and fried rice. Made by stir frying batter fried chicken with soya chilly based sauce and herbs.

Chilli chicken gravy recipe

Chilli chicken gravy is a popular Indian Chinese cuisines side dish for noodles and fried rice. Made by stir frying batter fried chicken with soya chilly based sauce and herbs.

brinjal chutney

Brinjal chutney | kathirikai chutney for idli and dosa – simple and delicious chutney recipe to serve as a side dish for idli and dosa.

Watermelon rind kootu

Watermelon rind kootu | watermelon rind recipes – watermelon rind is the white juicy part between red juicy flesh and green skin which looks like sorakkai or poosanikai.

parangikai paal kootu

Pumpkin paal kootu | parangikai paal kootu | பரங்கிக்காய் பால் கூட்டு – simple, mildly sweet side dish recipe which goes well with vathal kuzhambu

Rum carrots braised not glazed

Are you searching for a surprising variation for you classic carrot side dish? Then make sure you try these rum braised not glazed carrots!

gooseberry pickle

gooseberry pickle | amla pickle recipe south Indian style – made a small batch of instant amla pickle.

Butter Naan Recipe

Butter Naan is a popular Indian flatbread made from all purpose flour. It is soft and fluffy, made using stove top method.

Tandoori roti

Tandoori roti is a unleavened indian flatbread made from whole wheat flour, salt and water. Low calorie and useful for weightloss.

Easy pizza base at home

Pizza base recipe restaurant style, make 6 inch, 9 inch or even 12 inch pizza base in oven with easy to make recipe

Kathrikai kara kuzhambhu

Kathrikai Puli kuzhambhu – A recipe which we will make at least once in a week. Sambar, Rasam, and puli kuzhambhu are the frequent kuzhambhu recipes we south Indian makes at home.

Apple Rasam recipe

Apple rasam recipe – easy and healthy rasam recipe that we can make at home. Usually fruit flavour enhance the taste of rasam.

crispy crunchy cubed potatoes

crispy crunchy cubed potatoes are the ideal side dish for a festive dinner. A welcome variation on the classic fries or croquettes.

Shahi Paneer Restaurant Style

Shahi Paneer is a popular dish of Mughlai cuisine and has a very unique taste in it. It’s an aromatic main dish recipe.The word ‘Shahi’ is added to the name of this recipe is that it has a rich gravy made of nuts and onions, as Mughals used to loved any dish made in such […]

Lauki kofta recipe home style

How to make kofta with lauki What is kofta– Kofta is a deep-fried ball of minced vegetables or grounded meat. Kofta is found in the Indian subcontinent, Middle Eastern and Central Asian cuisines. Indian recipe of kofta includes different vegetables like potato, bottle gourd, paneer, and banana. Meat kofta includes mutton, chicken, and lamb. Fish […]

Roman Style Artichokes

Braised Roman-style artichokes is an Italian tasty dish cooked in a pot with a high edge. After having properly cleaned the artichokes from the hardest leaves, season them with aromatic herbs, enlarging the leaves and inserting minced mint, parsley and garlic. Finally, arrange them in a pot upside down and cook for about half an […]

Brown Chicpea Hummus

This Brown Chickpea / Chana Hummus is a nice and a healthy party dip. It is a nice variation to our staple chickpea hummus. It tastes good and it is rich in protein. The generous use of garlic, onion and olive oil in this hummus makes it even more flavorful and a great option.

Autum Pumpkin Medley

Now that Summer is over, pumpkin is all over the place. I love to cook up fresh pumpkin with veggies in this delicious medley alongside turkey or another protein of choice. This is definitely the right season for this dish. Enjoy it as part of a holiday meal or any other time you are craving […]

keerai thandu kootu

Keerai thandu kootu recipe – protein rich healthy food.Good to relish with a glimpse of clarified butter (ghee). Is there any happiness to harvest veggies from our own kitchen garden.My mom planted keerai in our backyard and we used to harvest whenever we want it.

Chana Masala Recipe

Chana masala recipe / Chana Masala – notable Indian recipe to serve with any Indian flat bread. Best go with bhature recipe