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Rocking Rooster Burgers

I’m having loads of fun exploring burgers this week and actually, so is my husband Filippo! Today we’re using another alternate protein, chicken. I wanted to create a hearty burger that would satisfy a big manly appetite or even a teenage boy who loves his big meaty burgers. So after some experimenting I settled on […]

Dinner in Minutes; Frittata

One of the easiest main dishes you can whip up for a family dinner is an Italian Frittata! It is also one of the best ways to incorporate veggies into your kids’ diets. Remember that when you sauté zucchini and onions to the point of being caramelized they are sweet and delicious.So if your kids […]

Angry Birds Onigiri Lunch Box

An idea struck me when it was my son’s lunch box day on Fridays. Jon loves Onigiri, so I decided to make him an Angry Birds Lunch Box! Angry Birds, the popular & best-selling mobile game, has taken the world by storm. The game is about these birds who’re angry because their eggs were stolen […]

Moroccan Harira

Harira is a Moroccan soup served during Ramadhan and any special occasions. It can be served as a meal by itself or you can also serve it as a starter. Moroccan Cuisine is extremely diverse, mostly influenced by Arab and Mediterranean cuisine. When I think of Moroccan Cuisine the first thing which comes to my […]

Asian Peanut Chicken with Noodles, Edamame, Zucchini
Quick & Easy: Peanut Chicken Noodles

Sooo… It started when I asked my son “What do you want for dinner tonight?”.  Immediate answer: “Macaroni & Cheese”  Translation: Bright orange and from a box of course. Confession: I do have a weakness for the boxed Mac & Cheese, and I do make it better than anyone*, but…. it’s not exactly a healthy […]

Easy Thai Pork Noodle

There’s been a lot of talk lately about cutting  our meat consumption, (either for your health, or money savings, or for the planet) but if your family is anything like mine, they tend to expect meat for most dinners.   Rather than doing vegetarian meals, another way to reduce the amount of meat you eat is […]

roasted basil tomato and bean chicken
Roasted Tomato & Cannellini Bean Chicken

This was one of those meals born of that situation where you just want to make something good with what you have on hand… that “wow, I’ve got all these giant cans of whole tomatoes with basil in my pantry, what can I do with that?” feeling.  Chicken leg quarters were on sale the other […]

Poulet Vol-au-Vent

The other evening Filippo and I dined at a marvelous new restaurant in downtown Sarasota, Brasserie Belge. The evening was marvelous from start to finish; starters were champagne and lobster croquettes, main was muscles for Filippo while I chose Vol-au-Vent and we finished with a shared Dame Blanche! I got to thinking ahead to dinner […]

Vegetable Cutlet/ Patties

This good old cutlet recipe is not too technical to make and it also includes very simple ingredients which will be available in almost any Indian kitchen. These cutlets taste delicious just on it’s own, or served with ketchup. You can also enjoy these cutlets also as a burger with cheese melted on top. Special […]


Goulash is a very simple stew, traditionally it’s kept as simple as possible, with just meat, garlic and onion. A few vegetables like carrot, leeks and celery adds much more flavour. Don’t try to add any spices and transform this simple stew into curry( I’m saying this for people like me, who tries to add […]

Coconut-Almond Crusted Tilapia

I’m a big fan of tilapia… it’s a great quick and easy fish for a weeknight dinner. I’m intrigued by this tasty looking recipe from Perry’s Plate.. and what a great idea for sweet potatoes too! We really like coconut around here (even the little ones), so I played around with some coconut milk and […]

homemade corned beef and cabbage
Niki’s Homemade Corned Beef and Cabbage

Last year, Niki posted her entire process for making homemade corned beef – corning it herself rather than buying that pink stuff in the store.  So if you’re up for doing it for this St. Paddy’s day, it’s time to start thinking about it! Here are the three posts from last year, with all the […]

Romantic Date Night: Decor & Recipes!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, our thoughts turn to romance.  But man, getting a table (and one that won’t cost an arm and a leg, packed in like sardines) at your favorite fancy bistro can be difficult… Here’s Nicole‘s answer to a romantic date night, when you decide to stay in and cook at home, […]

Mushroom Chicken Burgers and Bake-Fries

{a Foodwhirl Re-run} Years ago, when the fat-free fad was all the rage (oh, how very far we’ve come) I got on a turkey-burger kick using 99% fat free ground turkey breast.  The problem with 99% fat free anything is that it has very little fat (duh), which means very little moisture (or flavor, for […]

Naan: the perfect dinner plate

I love bread, it’s true, I really really do! Lets face the fact that I’m always looking for ways to incorporate whole grain bread into my dinner plans. I recently discovered I love making naan at home, and it really is SUPER easy! You CAN do it!!! I’ve used naan like a flatbread for sandwiches, […]

Black Eyed Peas for New Years Day (Hopping John)

I’m about to make my Black Eyed Peas for tomorrow, so I’m passing on my super easy recipe.  It only takes about an hour or so to cook, so you can pull it together on New Years Day morning, if you’re not too bleary eyed–or cook it today and just reheat tomorrow– I think it’s […]

Butternut Squash Lasagna

We’re taking a couple of days off for the holidays, so we’re running a few old posts from when we first launched back in February! -ed As much as I’d like to take credit for this one, I have to confess that I saw it on TV….  Get Fresh with Sara Snow.  I just love […]

Baked Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese

Tis the season.. for winter squash! This recipe of Naomi’s from April could do with a repeat! -ed. I love butternut squash. I make risotto with it, add it to beef stew, or often simply bake it on it’s own. So it was only a matter of time before I tried it with my baked […]

turkey pot pie with cornbread crust
Turkey Pot Pie with Cornbread Crust

It may be a little late for Thanksgiving Leftover posts, but this one looked too tasty to pass up.  I’d never thought to pair a pot pie with a cornbread crust, how inspired!  And you don’t have to wait for leftovers… this is a great thing to do with a whole chicken when they are […]

$5 Spaghetti with Pepper & Cheese, Spicy Broccoli

I ran across this at Pink of Perfection, and I thought it was perfect to share on Foodwhirl.  Especially with the holiday season upon us, it’s nice to have inexpensive dinner ideas where you still feel like you’re treating yourself… To worry constantly about money is to lug over your shoulder a sack of bricks […]

Carrot Vichyssoisse (or in Kid-Friendly Terms, “Cheese” Soup!)

It’s soup time again!  The weather has definitely been chilly and soup-weather the past few days…  This is a favorite ‘go-to’ meal in our house…  Easy, affordable, and tasty on a cool winter day.  It would also make a great appetizer for a dinner party! It’s healthy and low fat as well… It’s basically a […]

Lamb Tacos - Manhattan Food Project
I love tacos! Interesting taco ideas…

Tacos are a great go-to dinner idea, that can either be fancy and exotic, or simple and homey.  Here are a few unusual taco ideas that I thought might give you some inspiration!  We’ve done some fun taco ideas here on Foodwhirl too.. like Corn Beef and Cabbage Tacos and Shrimp and Fish Fajita Tacos..  […]

char sui pork, sliced
Char Siu Pork

Reader Deb, of Deb Cooks…, sends us this recipe, which I thought was perfect to share with you guys.  Pork tenderloin is a favorite of mine–it’s tasty, healthy, and quick cooking–and I’m always looking for new recipes for it. I love the idea of serving this with Chinese Pancakes. Deb writes: I have been making […]

Pinto Bean and Sausage Soup
Pinto Bean & Turkey Sausage Soup

This is a variation of my ‘go-to’ bean dishes that find their way to my table all whenever the weather starts to turn cool. This particular version uses turkey sausage and chicken for lower fat content, and the pinto beans that my 5 year old decided we needed at the grocery store the other day.   […]

Easy Homemade Falafel

When I was in graduate school in Chapel Hill, NC, I lived right outside of downtown Chapel Hill.  I was pretty much within walking/biking distance of the campus, and I spent a lot of my time in the downtown area, frequenting the many restaurants and shops on Franklin Street. One of my favorite little eateries […]