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Step 1:  Register for the site!

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Step 2: Create Your Profile

After you have your account, go to My Profile (link is also in the top menu) and fill out your profile.  This is the information about you that appears with your post.  Be sure to include things like where you are from, what type of cooking you like to do,  and any other fun details to help people get to know you!  You’ll also need to upload a photo of yourself.

You also can link to your website, or your Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook!

Step 3:  Plan your first Recipe Post

It’s hard to just go post a recipe unless you have one to post!  Unless you already have a photo of your dish, you’ll probably want to make the recipe, camera in hand, and take few shots.   A good photo helps people know how great your recipe is!  You’ll also want to pay attention when you’re making it, and make sure you have all the steps down, and all the measurements.  Take notes so you don’t forget anything.

Now that you have everything together, it’s time to…

Step 4: Post your recipe!

Just go here and fill out the form…  

(Note, if you have a recipe you’ve already posted elsewhere, like on your personal blog, you can share a link to it here:

Step 5: Approval and Scheduling

The admin will look over the post, and make sure it’s all there and looks good.  Then she will schedule the post to appear.  You’ll receive an email when the post is scheduled, and also when it is published.

Step 6: You are live!  Share your recipe with your friends and with the world!

You can share your Recipe using the share buttons available on the page.

You can also…

Share Your Foodwhirl Foodblog Page!

Share Your Recipe Author Page with your friends, so they can see all your posts!  This page is your own little mini-foodblog!

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