FoodWhirl-contributor - Elise Cormier

About Élise

FoodWhirl-contributor - Elise CormierIt’s a joy to see the FoodWhirl community sharing, cooking, and eating together in the midst of fabulous food photography! With home cooking turning into a specialized hobby, I love FoodWhirl’s practical approach to “What’s for Dinner?” and the no-nonsense dive-in attitude towards culinary experimentation. I’m excited to contribute to this lively collection with a few experiments of my own.

Born a non-picky omnivore and now a politically-moderate vegan, I carry well-seasoned tastebuds. I like to describe my eating style as one where barbeque and baked brie fall into the category of desserts and booze: once in a while never hurt anybody. My latest kitchen activities trend towards the Middle East and Mediterranean, with fresh lemon and ginger, olives and cumin, chick peas and lentils filling the air with heady aromas and my tummy with satisfying hearty meals.

Growing up, I read a lot of cookbooks and saw my mom and grandmother cook nearly every meal at home. These days, I branch out from that traditional southern base with my own imaginations about good taste … except when it comes to salad dressing, pickling, and baking, and then I follow that cookbook every time. With this economy, being on a budget is a must, and fortunately vegans have a leg-up on grocery savings with our most expensive food items centering on avocados, nuts, and olive oil. I don’t think the whole world should be vegan; I do know that eating plants works for me. I’m not much for exercise (a quick walk or swim or yoga pose strain my level of interest), but thanks to a plant-based diet, I’ve got great cholesterol, consist healthy weight, and lots of energy. Plus, I know how to make those veggies taste fantastic.

Beyond cooking for daily survival, most of my creative talent is focused on my design firm, Smart Landscapes, where I produce super-realistic before-and-after images of my residential designs, eco-restorations, meditation gardens, and natural playgrounds. I also dip into nature-based artwork at Tendril’s Edge, cobbling together willow lanterns and pressed flower stationary. And, as a newly-wed, my husband and I are very creative about figuring out how to blend our lives and our senses of humor.

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